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  1. I had a very similar situation. I was trying to choose between general science and health science at my university. Health science was more "highly regarded" and was definitely a closer knit community, and general science had a reputation of being for students who aren't as academically inclined. I ended up opting for general science so that I could focus on my prerequisites and avoid GPA killers, as well it allowed me to minor in sociology which was an absolute asset for my interview, and I would recommend it for everyone. I finished with a 3.93 OGPA and was just accepted to the U of A progra
  2. Accepted! IP GPA 3.93 DAT 59 Interview 41 Can't wait to meet everyone!
  3. I believe your 2nd year will be dropped! I'm currently applying this cycle and my situation seems extremely similar to yours. My only year of 30* was my 2nd year, which was also my lowest year. I just completed my 4th year which was also a 30* year. I got an interview invite based off of my first 3 years, and now that all of my documents have been received I emailed asking what they calculated my OGPA as, and they most certainly dropped my 2nd year!
  4. Practice using a bubble scantron sheet. I usually finished with extra time on DATCrusher PAT tests, however on the day of I ran out of time with a few questions left because I never took into consideration how much time would be spent filling in the scantron.
  5. I was expecting them to come this morning, they usually come out after 6 weeks on the Tuesday. I wonder if due to COVID it will be closer to the 8 week mark.
  6. My university just announced that we will be able to choose between a letter grade and credit/no credit for each course. I emailed admissions to ask how opting for credit would impact GPA calculations and they said they do not have any information at the time, and they are anticipating to have this information any time after early May. Very stressed because in my situation we will have to decide between credit & letter grade long before early May.
  7. GPA: 3.9 DAT: 59 Interview: 41 IP Super excited about my interview score, fingers crossed its high enough to makeup for my low DAT! Please feel free to weigh in on what my odds are. Any opinion is appreciated!
  8. I don't believe there would be any kind of penalty! They said in the Q&A after the interview that it was the only way to receive your score. I emailed at 8:00am this morning and got my score back around 11:00am!
  9. To my knowledge, U of A does not include pass/fail courses in OGPA calculation, so this is an interesting situation. Maybe the current academic year will be excluded from OGPA? Or maybe only the fall semester grades will contribute. Hoping that no one is negatively effected by this! I am an MRU student and currently we have not altered our grading system.
  10. To my understanding if you have completed 4 years they drop your lowest GPA year, however your most recent year of full load must be considered. So if you are in a full load for your fourth year it will be considered, if it is not full load and is your lowest GPA year then it will be dropped.
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