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    amaso reacted to Mightychondria in U Alberta DDS 2024 Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected   
    Hey guys! Does anyone know when we should be expecting UofA to release their results? I know they mentioned mid-May during the interviews, however I am not sure if that has changed due to the COVID situation. Any input would be greatly appreciated  
    Anyways, wanted to create this post for when results do come out! Good luck everyone!!
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    amaso reacted to Maggie19 in FEB 2020 CANADIAN DAT   
    I saw somewhere that the results were delayed by 2 weeks because of COVID. I don't remember where I read that though.
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    amaso reacted to Lollipop in UofA DDS 2024 - Interview Invites/Rejections   
    I think if you choose  CR/NC option you shouldn’t be put at a disadvantage seeing as the u of a is only offering that option. 
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    amaso got a reaction from qwerty2222 in UofA DDS 2024 - Interview Invites/Rejections   
    GPA: 3.9
    DAT: 59
    Interview: 41
    Super excited about my interview score, fingers crossed its high enough to makeup for my low DAT! Please feel free to weigh in on what my odds are. Any opinion is appreciated!
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