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  1. I've tried to search through this sub and premed101, and I'm not able to find an answer for this so I was curious if anybody knows. Is it acceptable to combine different activities on the top 10 to form one larger 'experience'? Example: working a summer job in a new industry, continue to work intermittently in that industry with a few different jobs over the next 5-6 years. No single position would be valuable enough for the top 10, but the experience of working in different areas in this industry would be valuable enough to have in the top 10. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Everyone, I;m just trying to see what my chances for this upcoming cycle are, and if anybody has any ideas on what would strengthen my application it would be greatly appreciated. I applied last cycle to UBC, UofC, and Queens. I am in province for UBC and UofC (lived 23 years in AB, moved to BC 1.5 years ago). I did not receive any interviews, and my UBC score was 48 (~4 points from IP cut-off), but since the cut-off was June 1 for activities I have started a few of the more significant below activities after that date. Looking back, I don't think it was smart to apply to any Ontar
  3. Hello Everyone, I’ve got a question that I’ve really been struggling with and I’m really not sure of the answer. Just for reference, I got rejected from UBC this year with a score of 48 and NAQ of 50-74.99 percentile, so I’m really trying to do activities that will allow my NAQ to push my score over the threshold for next year. I’m currently working as an MOA at a specialists office, but I have just been offered a new job as an ophthalmic technician. The technician position is definitely more hands-on with patients, but I have been workin
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