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  1. Western needs full course load in those two years with 3 or more of the 5 courses in the year of study. Hope this is helpful!
  2. Hey guys. Anyone want to interview prep in Calgary?
  3. I had a 3.77 gpa and 52 DAT and didn't have any problems with my application. So I'm not sure about your friend.
  4. Not every qualified student gets an interview. I had a 52 DAT score last year and was qualified but got the rejection letter after the interviews were over. I don't exactly know how many of the qualified students get interview honestly but it still needs competitive scores.
  5. Hey guys. So I was wondering if anyone has received anything from UofA yet? If not, do you know when we should be expecting, and if yes, can you write your stats? IP / OOP Result: Invite / Reject / Waitlist for Interview GPA: DAT (PAT, MDT, RC):
  6. Hey everyone. I’m in my 4th year hoping to get into UofA. I live in Edmonton so I’m IP. What are my chances? RC: 21 PAT: 21 MDT:30 GPA: 3.8 Thank you for any input!
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