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  1. good luck guys! make sure to give us an update once you leave waitlist purgatory
  2. I think they're batched? We'll see a lot of movement on/after May 25 and then a few offers rolling through until mid-June (to my understanding)
  3. It's official: course one and orientation will begin online. edit: "at this moment" so assuming covid doesn't let up
  4. I'm hoping it's the middle of the night. Would love to wake up to a rejection and then go back to sleep like it never happened
  5. Just one for me as well (that I know of). This one was both a top 10 and employment entry
  6. Agree, I'm not gunna read into it but also thought it was interesting that they're still doing checks
  7. I had a verifier contacted! Just a heads up
  8. For each top 10 entry, there's a box for description/summary and another for experience impact. The description is 250 characters and experience impact is 1000 characters
  9. I remember going through the forum a while back (in a brief fit of neuroticism) and there were a few years when offers released at ~3 pm and at least once they were released in the morning (~10 am). I think there was even a year when they released at like 3 am. I'm not sure about different times for offers vs rejections though. They seem to happen pretty close to each other. I think at least for interviews, invites came out a few minutes before regrets?
  10. This is definitely not the news you wanna hear a couple weeks away from decision day ah well
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