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  1. ha I definitely feel the over-analyzing sentiment. I get random flashbacks to my first station—that one was going so laughably bad, I vividly remember glancing at my interviewer and she had the most confused look on her face, poor soul. Oh hmm weird ... I thought they always come out before the 15th?
  2. now that we're 3–4 weeks away from decision day I thought I would start up this ol' annual tradition. How are you guys staying sane for the next little while? Also, does anyone know if Dr. P mentioned the estimated date that offers/regrets would go out in any of the MMI sessions?
  3. lmaoo when I got the email notification I thought they just wanted to let me know AGAIN that I've been rejected whelp I got a 4/15 on personal activities. Like many here, I've done decently well at Calgary and thought my ECs were pretty good...guess UofA is looking for something else
  4. good luck guys! make sure to give us an update once you leave waitlist purgatory
  5. I think they're batched? We'll see a lot of movement on/after May 25 and then a few offers rolling through until mid-June (to my understanding)
  6. It's official: course one and orientation will begin online. edit: "at this moment" so assuming covid doesn't let up
  7. I'm hoping it's the middle of the night. Would love to wake up to a rejection and then go back to sleep like it never happened
  8. Just one for me as well (that I know of). This one was both a top 10 and employment entry
  9. Agree, I'm not gunna read into it but also thought it was interesting that they're still doing checks
  10. I had a verifier contacted! Just a heads up
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