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  1. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I got this extremely unhelpful response, so it shall remain a mystery. "I wish to inform you that we no longer have course descriptions for our prerequisites and no list for the ones that are recognized. The content of the course that you wish to list as a required prerequisite must be based on that specific course. It is the candidate's responsibility to verify the prerequisites. No exceptions will be accepted for the prerequisite courses. As stated on our website at the following address https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/applic
  2. Hi there, sorry for the late late response but thank you for your answer. Do you know where I can find the proper email about this? Also, do prerequisites need to be complete or in progress by the time I apply? i.e. if I wanted to hold off on Ochem until the summer before I matriculate. TIA
  3. Hi everyone, Would Elementary Chemistry II be eligible for uottawa's vague new "chemistry" prerequisite? I'm only in first year and I understand the best way to know would be emailing admissions but I was hoping some of you might have insight. Cheers! (Course description below)
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