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  1. Is it going to be today? At 5?! (Did anyone email to figure it out?)
  2. Do you guys think they won’t send them today? Whats the latest time we can get them by?
  3. This is what they told me.. Im not even sure if it is tomorrow..
  4. May I ask what your gpa is? If it is high enough it can cover for it
  5. Uoft Dental classes started on Jan 4th. They just extended winter break for undergrad students.
  6. How likely y’all think it is to get the result today?
  7. Thanks for yoru reply but based on previous years they usually send out interview invites on the first Friday of January. Thats why I think it will be the same this year too..
  8. Please share your stats (GPA, DAT score, Year of study and IP/OOP status and if you got an interview offer) for 2021 cycle. best of luck to everyone who applied! (Also does anyone know when they are going to let us know? Last year it was January 10, considering they changed the deadline from Dec1st to Nov 1st is it likely we hear back from them before coming Friday?)
  9. please share your stats and if you are accepted/rejected/wiatlisted undergrad/graduated (Gap year)/masters IP or OP
  10. do you guys think there is still chance they send offers today? its almost 3...
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