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  1. I'm not griping about being wait listed and I fully understand that it's a privilege and not a right. In fact USask has clear admissions criteria, isn't a blackbox like Queens, UBC, and Alberta to name a few, and didn't cancel interviews like Mac who just used a lottery for admissions so I applaud the Usask admissions team for that. I'm just stating the fact that I don't understand why they would waitlist so many IP people when, according to the AFMC data, most IP students accept their offers. Btw, I'm OOP as I said above so their wait listing of 102 IP students(assuming the person who s
  2. From the application manual: (B)ADDITIONAL FOUR-YEAR BACCALAUREATE DEGREES OR RESTARTING UNIVERSITY.If you start a new four-year degree program after completing your first four-year degree, or restart university after being away from post-secondary studies for at least 8 consecutive months before restarting your studies, you must be within 30 CU of completing the new four-year degree program at the time of application for the new or restart degree to be considered for UAA calculation purposes. All coursework for the awarding of the four-yeardegree must be completed by the end of April pri
  3. I did some calculations combining the information from AFMC and USask admission statistics. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/ugme/admission/admissions-statistics-5-year-summary.pdf
  4. That's such a high number and it seems unnecessarily cruel. According to the AFMC data they gave 104 IP offers in 2018/19, 88 IP offers for 2017/18 and 96 IP offers in 2016/17. If they really did wait list that many people, then what they're doing now is quite disappointing.
  5. I'm sorry, you can imagine I'm not in a particularly good mood. Still, that's not an excuse for being an a**hole. My apologies.
  6. They did for OOP but the wait lists are seperate.
  7. I posted this in the other thread as well but I thought I'd post it here as well. My OOP 3rd quartile email says that due to the uncertainty I should make alternative plans. Does the OOP 2nd quartile wait list email say the same thing? Edit: Was answered in the other thread.
  8. Result: Waitlisted(3rd Quartile) Site Location: Saskatoon Time Stamp: 15/05/2020 GPA: % >85 MCAT Score: 520+ Location: OOP Degree: UG graduated My email says that due to the uncertainty I should proceed with other plans.Does it say the same thing for OOP in the 2nd quartile as well?
  9. 1st is top of the ranking and fourth is at the bottom. My OOP clearly states so.
  10. As I said, it's in AFMC data not the admissions report, and you need to do some further calculations to get to my numbers. Not much waitlist movement for IP, 103 total offers for 94 acceptances. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  11. If you look at the data provided by the AFMC, there should be a lot of wait list movement. In 2018 they gave 31-32 offers out of 45 interviewed for 6 people to enroll.
  12. CASPer Just approved by the University Senate. Will only be used to to rule out candidates that are less than two standard deviations from the mean(so bottom 2 percent if the distribution is normal) or if red flagged on CASPer. Funny that for OOP like me, USask basically wants you to be in the top two percent for MCAT but as long as you're not in the bottom two percent in the CASPer it's fine. I'm fine with that though, can't believe that Mac gives the same weighing to a one hour test as four years of undergrad or the very robust standardized test that is the MCAT.
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