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  1. Thank you. I don’t really want move to the US. I will keep applying next year, however, I don’t think I have many options left to improve my application.
  2. Hello everyone, I wonder if someone who received an invitations from Family Medicine programs as an IMG, can advice me and others in my shoes as to what you did different. It is my second year applying. I applied to all the English Family medicine programs and I received zero interviews invitations. MCCQE1 score 471 (2017) NAC OSCE score 432 (2019) Alberta CAP 4.48 (2019) Alberta MMI 0.55 British Columbia CAP; Total score: 72.94% ,Quartile score: 2. I got my resume and personal letter edited and I have three Canadian family physicians as references.
  3. Hello, I’m an IMG. I applied to Saskatchewan only to la Ronge and Saskatoon. I got a rejection update on CaRMS for la ronge but nothing from Saskatoon and no emails either. did anyone get an answer from Saskatoon, it said on the other topics that the response was sent. Should I email them? thank you
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