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  1. Thank you for your response. I see this and the comment below about me attacking a premed and the meanness of clerkship and questioning if I am truly a doctor etc. I apologize - my intent on coming on this forum was that I was here when it first was started by Ian years ago as a premed. I went through medschool and residency and started working largely forgetting about it until I took a more active role in medical education recently. I realized in spreading to my trainees that it still existed so I thought perhaps I would come and offer a different perspective from the
  2. Very busy. Typically day starts around 6am and runs until 5pm when not on call. Mix of OR and clinic and ward work. When on call you are usually fairly busy as well doing consults and OR assist and call is frequent. It’s one of the busier rotations in terms of time
  3. Also please try to remember - influenza kills many more people than this ever will. It’s also unlike SARS not showing itself to be deadly to the young
  4. Depends on size of program and which speciality. yes these are stars. But often the interview for someone they really want doesn’t determine anything other than a flag to disallow someone
  5. I’m involved in the UofT one. It’s a standardized interview with two people usually. TBH the interview at UofT seems like a formality. Most people going in are because they have done electives and have letters. The questions are all every generic
  6. Lots of people I know at my hospital who are American trained as you folks. It’s not hard to find a spot
  7. Raptors905


    They make way more. If you looks t ICU a day 1 is 1k vs 330 in Ontario. I guess the key is that it’s Sask. Not a lot of people want to live out there so they need to keep docs happy. It’s not like the GTA where docs are begging for table scraps.
  8. I was in med school during SARS at UofT We are better prepared this time. it presents with a flu like resp illness - think influenza. Everyone with a febrile resp illness will be placed in isolation with N95 masks. A detailed travel history is taken. There is no specific cure. The key to treatment is time and supportive care including mechanical ventilation and ICU support. Containment is via BSP and making sure resp isolation is maintained
  9. Yes. I guess my point is -McGill is a big school -if you live in Ont you are already IP in Ontario -if you spend a year in Quebec now you are IP for both
  10. I made this thread because I don’t have a lot of knowledge at how McGill works and med school admissions outside Ontario. I was talking to some med students yesterday and one mentioned that she also got into McGill because she was considered IP. I thought this was a reasonable place to ask if there was an advantage to being IP and if you could easily obtain that
  11. I don’t have the time or inclination to argue with a premed who thinks they have an informed opinion on what correlates with being a good doctor or success is medical school. You are beyond words - you are trying to educate me, someone who has Finished med school and residency and works as a doctor and is involved in medical education about what is the changing skill set needed? good luck. If you ever make it into medical school perhaps you will learn to not think your “opinion” is more important than the staff and residents you are learning from. You basically said I have l
  12. I know many Internal medicine pathway 4 working easily in clinics and the hospital in the Toronto area. Not hard at all
  13. No I was genuinely wondering as it just seemed like to big difference and IP had much better chances
  14. Is this evidence based or just your opinion? I believe the evidence shows GPA is a very strong predictor https://bmcmededuc.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12909-016-0692-3 are you even in med school? What do you know of med school success or being a good physician as a pre med?
  15. I’m already a practising doctor. Not keen to do med school again
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