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  1. Hey all - saw the confusion in the other thread. I just got my rejection as well. Thought I’d keep it organized. 3.8 GPA & 518 MCAT (OOP)
  2. No. That’s not true. They got rid of absolute minimums (within reason) for OOP, except CARS I believe. It even says online the average for past OOP was 510, 85% with 127 CARS. These are averages not absolutes.
  3. Okay thanks! I wonder if they contact less verifiers if an applicant already had tons contacted the previous year too.
  4. Last year mine were contacted like a week after my app. This year no one (that I know of) has. Have they started yet?
  5. Question: last year someone said a 3a, 3b button etc popped up for those getting an interview. Has that happened for anyone yet?
  6. Sent my scores on September 29 and still don't have it verified. Is that normal then?
  7. Are you sure this is still the case? The Important Dates section on the MUN website has changed the dates for application review and now says they're reviewing till Oct 25. Did their message get sent before this happened? For reference it says Oct 26-30: Applicants are notified of their application status, including interview offers.
  8. Does UBC contact references even after they submit your reference for you in February?
  9. I see. I guess I’m wondering if anyone has had a verifier on the DOBC app contacted who wasn’t on the UBC app!
  10. Wondering if anyone had verifiers contacted for the DOBC award applications? Trying to figure out if not having verifiers contacted for this app means a rejection is coming or if that’s an indicator at all?
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