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  1. Don't live in the residences - I've heard they can get roudy at times. There are lots of great apartment buildings around campus.
  2. Med schools place much emphasis on rheumatology during the pre-clerkship years. At UWO rheumatology is given in the last 2 weeks of the MSK block, kind of shoved to the end. Also, getting into rheumatology requires an internal medicine program, and there are many other options that would be preferred over rheum coming out of internal (like cardiology, nephrology, GI, etc.)
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. So it really seems like you can do what you feel proficient in depending on what you learned in residency. Thats why I love rural med - you really are the jack of all trades (kind of)
  4. Hey folks, i'm just wondering if someone knows about what kind of office procedures rural family docs perform? I am interested in family medicine but I also want a specialty that performs some procedures for the technical aspect of it. Thanks!
  5. I'm so glad you're considering UWO as an option. I'll answer your questions from a Windsor-campus perspective. Check the bolded text below:
  6. I've never heard of such a preference that Schulich reserves 100 seats for its own grads. A lot of my classmates are from UWO, but a lot of them are from elsewhere as well
  7. If you're waiting to hear back on May 15th, keep your head up people! Offers are just around the corner =).
  8. i'm not going to deny that waiting is hard because it is - just remember that no matter how much you think about it, it WILL eventually come
  9. Great job this past weekend everyone! Met so many great people - I really hope you all get in at least somewhere. I also hope you got a good impression of what it's like here at Schulich - we truly are a family, and hope to welcome you all into that family next year. Best of luck all, bj89
  10. The real question is... which is stronger: a manimal or a galatiator?
  11. Gratz to everyone who finished their Schulich interview this weekend!! I met a lot of great people so I wish the best for everyone. Looking forward to the next interview weekend
  12. I brought my girlfriend with me last year - so the more the merrier!
  13. yeah seriously though, get in touch with anyone of us (and this goes out to anyone reading this, not just the OP) through PM or something, we'd be more than happy to arrange something to show you around!! @Kawalac... ONLY ENGLISH!!!
  14. We can't wait to welcome you all to Schulich medicine, and I hope i'll get to meet as many of you as possible. I was in your shoes last year, dead nervous for this interview, so whenever someone tells me to relax I know about the whole "easier said than done" thing. But just remember that you'll all get through it - this is your last hurdle!! Break a leg everyone , bj89
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