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  1. I agree with has been said above. I think the number one thing is practice and be confident. I went from 123 to 128 in CARS. I did as many questions as I can get my hands on. Was doing 12-15 passages a day for a good 3 weeks before the exam. I think there is so many CARS practice out there, the old books works as well. Confidence was key for me, I think the practice helped me become more confident. However, I didnt practice much on any science sessions that summer when I re-did mcat. If you are struggling with analysis of the text, taking a course is good. JW is a nice resource to check out.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am looking for some people to practice MMI/Panel interviews. Can be online using Skype/Discord/FB, or meet up in person at York U. Let me know if your interested and we can set something up, if we have more people, we can have a group MMI/panel practice having others listen and give constructive feedback. Thanks
  3. i am a graduate student and have not gotten anything from UofT
  4. Oh awesome, congrats to you as well. Yeah, definitely a huge surprise, great start for the holidays haha. Cheers!
  5. Anyone else gotten an email from Queens MD/PHD program regarding interview on Jan. 24, 2020? I was pretty surprised that they sent out the invite so early.
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