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  1. I can speak a little to Alberta on this one (with a dog!) It can be a bit harder to find places that are pet friendly but not difficult, there are quite a few. Also with rental market right now is pretty great as so many less University students are living in the major cities and landlords are more open to negotiate. This could change but I think with Match Day in April you will get in before all the Uni students start looking for places :)
  2. Every program is different but ours gives a firm deadline to accept your interview (early next week). We will follow up if we don't hear; it is rare for us to have an interview not accepted (although not unheard of). It really depends on the specialty and program.
  3. Every program has a different review committee. In our specialty all the residents and interview panel and member of program review and rank without seeing each others rankings and they are put together to keep it fair. Reference letters are #1 in the review (within the specialty being most important), being well rounded, showing real interest in the specialty, and for the love of all things tailor your personal letter to the program. If you don't even mention the program or the city it looks like you don't really care that much and are sending the same letter to every school.
  4. Yes, but if you want to be competitive I would recommend going as every interaction you have is usually considered. Meeting people more often makes you more memorable.
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