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  1. Hey everyone! This may be a silly question but how do we know what courses to enroll in? I’m having trouble finding a list.
  2. Hey all so excited to have chosen Mac PT! I wondering where most students live in Hamilton (I'm from out of province), I like the look of Westdale South but it seems like there are no places available unless the houses have like 7 rooms. I'm also wondering if anyone can comment on living more downtown near Locke st and how it is living there. Thanks
  3. There was about 40 people on the zoom call, about half as many as the mcmaster info session.
  4. Thanks so much If I go there I would definitely want to live close to campus so I guess safety wouldn't be a problem!
  5. Congrats on your acceptances! I am leaning away from western because I am not fond of London and the programs big emphasis on ortho, I want to make sure I could specialize in other areas if I wanted to! However, I've heard really good things about the program at Western and I'm sure you'd get a great education there! I've read a few things about Kingston that say some areas are not as safe to live in, is there an area I should avoid when looking at housing?
  6. Thanks so much for your feed back! I'm still torn but maybe I'll see you at Mac this September
  7. Congrats to everyone who recently got good news and to those of us who didn't don't give up! I was recently accepted to U of T, Mac, UWO, and Queen's but have narrowed it down to Mcmaster and Queen's. I was hoping to learn more about the programs and locations because I have never been to Hamilton or Kingston. Specifically I was hoping someone could speak to pro/cons of both programs and locations as I've heard mixed things about both cities. I also would love to know how likely it would be to get a paeds placement for clinical and how soon clinical starts at both schools. Thanks in advan
  8. Hello congrats on your acceptances! I'm in the middle of trying to decide between schools and if you don't mind me asking why did you choose western over queen's?
  9. If you don't mind me asking is there a reason you aren't considering Queen's? I got accepted to these schools as well but I don't know much about them as I am out of province so deciding which offer to accept has been a struggle!
  10. Hey everyone hope you all got great news yesterday! I got into the four Ontario schools but I’m really struggling to choose between them because I’ve never been to any of them and don’t know too much about each program, could anyone give some insight on the PT programs or locations?
  11. I got an offer for UofT but it doesn’t say what campus I’m on and I never got my acorn login, has this happened to anyone else?
  12. Got into Queens, Mac and Western! Still haven't heard anything from UofT and theres nothing on my ORPAS beside it.
  13. I found it more easier than expected I thought there would be more physio specific questions!
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