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  1. Hey everyone, I know this question was already briefly brought up in the 2020 forum but I wanted to get some more insight. For those of you who don't already live in the Dalhousie U area, are you going to be moving to Halifax in September? I live a 3 hours away from Halifax and I'm not sure what to do. I know that Dal is "predominantly" online for the fall but I'm not sure what that means for the OT program (will we be totally online or will we have some in - person classes?). I can't find any info about this on their website. Thanks
  2. Just got my unofficial acceptance to Dal OT!!! I'm so excited! (I am a NS applicant with a 3.75 /4 sgpa.)
  3. I'm an OTA/PTA graduate and most of my classmates are working in hospitals or physiotherapy clinics. Job prospects are better in large cities where there's a lot of hospitals and rehab centers! And once you are in the program, more job postings become available to you, as some organizations reach out to the program directly instead of posting the jobs online. And some of my classmates were offered jobs from their field placements. OTAs are definitely very hands on, in my experience the OT does the assessment and makes a treatment plan and the OTA carries out the treatment. Hope this
  4. I am wondering about Dal OT too! I haven't heard anything from them either.
  5. Has anyone heard back from Dalhousie OT? I thought they were supposed to email me within a month to tell me when my application will be reviewed Thanks!
  6. Applied: Western, mac, queens, uoft, Dal (all OT) [Nova Scotia applicant]Accepted: Dalhousie, Western, and University of Toronto!Waitlisted:Rejected: McMaster (waitlisted for interview) and WesternGPA: c-gpa 3.63/4 and s-gpa: 3.75/4 (according to ORPAS) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have an OTA/PTA diploma (500 hours of OT supervised placements), volunteer experience with adults with aphasia and kids with juvenile arthritis, and I have worked with kids with disabilities for many years. One of my referees is an OT and she gave me a strong reference. I put a lot of work i
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