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  1. Hey! Just received an email back from Kelly confirming my withdrawal from the program (I got into PT at another school)! There should be a spot opening up soon
  2. Just to let anyone on Dal OT waitlist know - I have just withdrew my acceptance since I have accepted an offer for PT at another uni. I’m from NB. Hope this is good news to someone
  3. Hi all, #35 on the waitlist but firmly accepting my uOttawa offer.
  4. Anyone going to uOttawa PT send me a message! Let’s connect outside this forum :-)
  5. Accepted to Ottawa PT and OT, Dal OT Waitlisted for Dal PT (top half for nb applicants) and Mac PT (#35) GPA: sgpa: 3.61 cgpa: 3.77 (according to ORPAS) sgpa: 3.7 cpgpa: 3.91 (for dal) Physio was my first choice program so I'm incredibly happy to have been accepted into a physio program! I have already paid my deposit at dal OT but will now be declining my offer so there will be some waitlist movement for you folks! Ottawa was always my second choice following dal but with the accreditation issues if dal offers me a position I will most likely be declining. I also like the idea
  6. Hey guys! Getting so excited / nervous to find out about Ontario schools! Those who have been through this process before - will the offers show up on our ORPAS at midnight or do we receive emails at midnight ? I realize that maybe not all the schools will be available at midnight but for the ones that are where should I expect to hear from them?
  7. Hi! I also emailed that same email my unofficial transcript! And I signed into my dal online and signed up for classes
  8. Just got an answer from Kelly (dal PT) that I’m on the top half of the waitlist for nb. Anyone know how many are actually on the waitlist?
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