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  1. Right?! Ok great. Anyone who’s interested, you can DM me your snap. And I’ll create the group!
  2. Thanks for the constant engagement on this forum everyone. As we’re nearing orientation and the beginning of classes, I am thinking of creating a group chat on snap or whatsapp, whatever app people prefer. You all have essentially been the first people I’ve engaged with as we start with this journey. It helps having people on our finger tips during this time and with this term being online I’d like to have all of you around so we can struggle through these 4 years together. If this is something ppl are interested please let me know!!
  3. Ok great coz I had the same issue. I emailed them about it today but it was later in the afternoon so hopefully we’ll get a reply tomorrow.
  4. Perfect! Thanks everyone for all the info on experiential placements! Lots to think about. I guess what I am understanding so far is that I should maybe set aside money when we're not doing practicums so that way I have something saved up for when I inevitably do have to do these rural placements. Doesn't hurt to be prepared!
  5. Can students from previous years talk about experiential placements in the program. Specifically those placements that are outside the Edmonton region. How far out of the city are these placements and how do you handle transportation and housing in these areas. I have an almost full-time job that I have to keep to maintain my lavish lifestyle and it will be hard for me to drop everything and move, should that be required. Again I am not sure how long these placements are either. Any and all insight on how students manage these practicums is appreciated.
  6. TRUST you don’t need to worry as long as you’ve initiated the payment within the 7 days. Mine took like 5 days. Some people’s took weeks and for some it processed in a day. I had asked Angela the same thing and iam attaching her response.
  7. Yeah not only bear tracks but on launchpad. Then I had to wait a day for the “system to update” before I could enrol. You will also get an email notifying that they received the money. And then another email that you can begin enrolling in classes but for me as soon I got the email that they had received the money that’s when I noticed it update on launchpad and the following day I was able to enrol into classes.
  8. Hahaha how exciting! I had that thought to frame the letter too! I have TD too, used to app but you can even do it online. Tuition payment instructions are on the university website. Just add u of a tuition as your payee under pay bill. Congrats!!!
  9. Did ya'll notice the time clashes between seminars for 2 of the courses both in fall and winter semester or is it just me? I believe : pharm 201 and 212 in the fall pharm 213 and 243 in the winter Weirdly it still enrolled regardless of the time clash.
  10. Maybe they’ll talk about the ceremony during orientation or once school starts and give us more insight. I am happy to hear about the exam situation lol coz god knows how much we hate 3 exams on the same day. As for how challenging it could potentially be, I think we are more then ready to take it on. This is a dream for all of us and all I say is bring it on! . Also glad to hear that grades aren’t a priority now but admittedly that will take some time to adjust to, for me atleast, as we’re almost programmed in undergrad to strive for that A lol. It’ll be nice to go to class and actually
  11. Thanks you so much for all that information! It’s going to be exciting to see how this all pans out for us. @PharmDB The other thing I just thought of is our white coat ceremony? Is that a first year event too? Also anyone able to speak on the course load. I know we are all used to full time course loads so is that what we will continue with in pharm or is it even more than 5 courses/semester. Just the volume of the content looks overwhelming.
  12. I’m curious to hear from current pharmD students on how moving course delivery online you think is going to affect us as first years. I mean are there events and social get togethers or what have you that y’all went through in first year that you think we’d miss out on? We already know that orientation is going to be virtual so that’s already a bummer coz it would’ve been nice to see everyone or pick up free stuff at the very least lol.
  13. Ok gotcha! Did you guys try changing programs on bear tracks yet? Bear tracks shows it has received the payment but its not updated on launchpad so I cant switch programs just yet. @PharmD20 How long did it take for your payment to process before you were able to switch programs?
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