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  1. If 95% of CMGs usually pass and you performed above average on your school exam, you should be OK!
  2. Great stories in this thread! I'm not an anglophone so I can't really comment on the experience but let me tell you, most anglophones in my class were very sociable and integrated well within the cohort. If anything, their background was a plus! To get a feel for the way health professionals speak in their day-to-day, I recommend watching De garde 24/7 (a docuseries shot in Hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont in Montreal).
  3. Hahahaha oh man what did I sign up for? All right I will heed that warning! Good night to you and thanks again
  4. I'm guessing that the feeling probably depends on the faculty leading the rounds. During clerkship, I've felt safer asking questions and acknowledging my uncertainties with some preceptors more than others. There are also those who were able to "quiz" me on stuff without making me feel bad about not knowing the answer. I've learned so much thanks to them. Unfortunately, being able to gauge whether or not a preceptor fostered that kind of safe learning environment was instrumental to me doing well during clerkship. It's an art to know when to shut up and when to put yourself out there and
  5. Thank you so much for the tips! From what I've observed during rotations at my program, people rarely volunteer haha. The way you framed it as a learning experience rather than an "evaluation" is a great mindset to have and I'll try to take that advice to heart.
  6. Incoming radiology resident here! Is there anything you wish you would have done differently during your first years of residency that would have made the 5th year experience go a little more smoothly?
  7. Excellent point. My bad, I wanted to convey the message that programs tend to disproportionately admit their own school's graduates, all factors considered (including candidates' general tendency to highly rank their school of graduation). Unfortunately, we do not have access to this data, but it would have been ideal! I guess OP needs to take our word for it that school advantage is real.
  8. There's definitely a location advantage to U of T because you will have opportunities to do core rotations and research projects in addition to electives related to your targeted program. In small specialties, these connections matter. You can access the statistics of students matched from school of graduation to school of residency on the CaRMS website. In 2019, 14 out of 154 McGill students matched to Toronto whereas 125 out of 242 Toronto students matched to their own school. Out of the 328 students that matched to U of T, 125 (38%) graduated from U of T. Also, note that there wi
  9. Anatomical Pathology: Laval (Dec 4), UofT (Dec 5), UBC (Dec 9), Memorial (Dec 10), Queens (Dec 13 IMG), Dalhousie (Dec 11), McMaster (Dec 16 IMG) Anesthesiology: Manitoba (Dec 6), NOSM (Dec 9), UBC (Dec 11), Ottawa (Dec 12), Dalhousie (Dec 13), Queen's (Dec 14), Calgary (Dec 16*), USask (Dec 17), Alberta (Dec 17*), Western (Dec 17*), Memorial (Dec 18), McMaster (Dec 18), Montreal (Dec 19), McGill (Dec 19), UofT (Dec 21) Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Alberta (Dec 4), Ottawa (Dec 16), Calgary (Dec 19*), McGill (Dec 20), UBC (Dec 23*), Toronto (Dec 23) Diagnostic Radiology
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