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  1. If anyone has interviewed at UBC and has any tips, suggestions and insight as to what the interview was like and potentially even how to prepare it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. No clue, I assume that we'll find out at the pre-interview orientation thats happening this friday.
  3. I just received an invite to interview! For the people that did it in October, any tips on what's asked or how it goes down. The interview was super unexpected and the first one is this saturday! Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Yea, like it was all of a sudden as well. I believe there were some interviews that also happened in October, so if anyone completed those adn could provide some insight that would really be appreciated! The first interview is this saturday!
  5. I just received an invite to interview at UBC! Was wondering if anyone else received and if anyone else has done their virtual interview before how was it and what was it like!
  6. When doing the academic workbook for McGill's application for FALL 2021 admission, what is the difference between the dentistry gpa calculated vs. the local gpa generated by the excel workbook? Anyone know what they look or how its viewed?
  7. Hey, I was wondering if anybody knew which canadian dental schools required reference letters, from what i'm hearing UFT and Western dont? Just wanted to make sure about these two schools and any others in canada!
  8. I plan on writing the cDAT in November, and wanted to start during as soon as finals are done. I've read around and heard that DAT crusher is the best to do well on the DAT, but just wanted to hear more opinions before I buy DATcrusher. Also for those who have written, in terms of chemistry how did you prepare and do well and even for bio!?
  9. Hey, if you don't mind could you also PM me with what you did different the second time around, and also the resources you used! Thank you
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