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  1. The don't ask for certificates and in fact they don't even have the time to do that for each applicant.
  2. I think there are some really cool things you can do remotely for research and volunteering because everything is remote now. Of course it won't be hands on but these positions are available.
  3. In progress is pretty normal to include if you have to include that specific experience. Most people have lost of things "in progress" and adcoms get that.
  4. I have had friends who got in with zero health related experience and in fact one of them was an engineer. But it's probably best.
  5. Take the undergrad program you really truly LOVE! Forget about what courses are better or easy etc. or even my opinion or anyone else on this forum because only you know what you like and that's all that matters.
  6. The more important question is this: why do we still have to write this test when McMaster researchers indicated it doesn't work? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/mcmaster-university-medical-admissions-income-study-1.5634793
  7. I think specialty will probably become more clear in med school so I wouldn't worry too much just yet.
  8. can you give us some examples of things you have done? this is unique to everyone so it's not possible to provide feedback without actual examples --- limitation of this forum because you are probably afraid of revealing your true identity.
  9. I think with an N95 and maybe face shield chances are very low and as a future doctor is just part of the job.
  10. is this stuff real? didn't they just publish a study about McMaster (ironically by McMaster staff) that med school just causes bias like crazy and none of these mean anything?
  11. I would just look at it as glass half full. It's no big deal because when a door closes it literally leaves more time and room for other things and it may become clear that there was a better opportunity elsewhere. All the best to you. I've been there.
  12. med schools don't care what your undergrad is a long as you keep a high GPA and importantly do something you're passionate about, this shows in your application!
  13. Definitely go with the job, it will make you money and importantly experience!
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