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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1413908589002183 !!
  2. Anyone able to negotiate a good rate? All banks are prime-0.25. Any luck?
  3. They take whatever grade you get the second time. Whether it’s better or worse doesn’t matter, they’ll take the second attempt (without averaging the two). I don’t think a second attempt would look bad as UWO gave me an interview after taking courses twice hope that helps.
  4. Hey. Don’t worry too much about it. Amazing you can learn from it and use it as a wake up call. 100% you can put it behind you. Speaking from experience, I had to retake courses in my undergrad and received an interview/acceptance to western. Good luck wishing you all the best.
  5. I am OOP and received an invite at 11:13 this morning!
  6. I received a rejection last year. The email came at midnight the day of the interview invites were sent out.
  7. Sure. You can you start it on the Canadian DAT Facebook group?
  8. I heard ones made when we start school but it’d be nice to start one before hand!
  9. Has anyone received more information regarding the interviews this weekend? Link to the zoom open house that’s happening tomorrow? I have yet to receive one!
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