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  1. My post was misunderstood and gave off an impression that I do not agree with. Deleted the text.
  2. Hello, I'm a first year university student living on campus and I am applying to be a Residence Advisor next year. Essentially I would be a resource for the students on my floor and I would ensure everything in my residence is running smoothly. I'm hoping this would look good on a med school application as well. As part of my application I have to submit a resume. On my resume I have activities from 2011 all the way up to now, 2020. Since I am a student, are those older activities still relevant or are they no longer worth mentioning. If the
  3. Wow thank you for this, I really appreciate this point.
  4. Hi, for the new year and for my med school application, I have an idea for a passion project. How does one go about starting a blog (For free/minimal cost) where other people can post? Also, how would I get advertisements on this blog so I could receive money? Thank you & Happy New Year!
  5. Hi I am a first year kinesiology student in Canada and I plan to apply to medicine in 2 years. For my application, I have quite a bit of volunteering but I was wondering if there are any key activities/volunteering I should do that would stand out/really boost my chances? Also how would I go about doing so? Happy New Years by the way! Thank you
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