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  1. Hey everyone! To my knowledge, the UBC Med application has around 30 entries to include extra curricular activities within different categories. Is it expected that applicants fill up these 30 entries? If not, is there anyone that has been accepted to UBC med without completely filling out the entries? And if so, how many did you have blank? Thanks!
  2. My post was misunderstood and gave off an impression that I do not agree with. Deleted the text.
  3. Hello, I'm a first year university student living on campus and I am applying to be a Residence Advisor next year. Essentially I would be a resource for the students on my floor and I would ensure everything in my residence is running smoothly. I'm hoping this would look good on a med school application as well. As part of my application I have to submit a resume. On my resume I have activities from 2011 all the way up to now, 2020. Since I am a student, are those older activities still relevant or are they no longer worth mentioning. If the
  4. Wow thank you for this, I really appreciate this point.
  5. Hi, for the new year and for my med school application, I have an idea for a passion project. How does one go about starting a blog (For free/minimal cost) where other people can post? Also, how would I get advertisements on this blog so I could receive money? Thank you & Happy New Year!
  6. Hi I am a first year kinesiology student in Canada and I plan to apply to medicine in 2 years. For my application, I have quite a bit of volunteering but I was wondering if there are any key activities/volunteering I should do that would stand out/really boost my chances? Also how would I go about doing so? Happy New Years by the way! Thank you
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