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    thenavicular reacted to frenchpress in UBC Med Application - Non-Academic Section   
    Lots of people who get accepted leave some blank. I don’t think a number of blanks is going to be helpful, because the quality of entries matters as well. Someone with a small number of very strong, long term commitments could (in theory) score as well or better than someone with more entries but all very surface level.
    So it’s not expected you fill ALL the entries. That said, you should try to fill as many as you can. Areas that are harder to get have fewer entries, like leadership (3) and service (3). Capacity to work with others is 5. Diversity of experience you can have 10 - this is where people put hobbies, travel, etc, and it can be relatively easy to fill if you get creative about what to include. (I for example, had a few things like dnd role playing on mine). 
    The exception is the area of high performance section (3 entires). Many people leave that completely blank because the criteria for it are quite narrow. If you don’t include this section the max is 21 total split across the remaining sections.
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    thenavicular reacted to Elijah989 in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    Best to have long term involvement and show progression  one person mentioned being a member vs founder in prestige and which reflects better, and that's true! You want something that shows leadership and committment, but even if you started as a general member and moved your way to progressively more responsible roles that would be excellent too! Find causes you're passionate about and put in some good time and effort into them to grow 
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    thenavicular reacted to AllyOOP94 in Residence Advisor- Resume Advice Needed   
    Think of it less as a cutoff year, and more of what activities are most relevant for the role. You are lucky that you have a long range of experiences to choose from, so you can trim the fluff, pick the ones that best demonstrate the qualities you need to be an RA like leadership, advising/counselling, experience with students, problem-solving/crisis intervention, planning events, referrals to resources, etc. 
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    thenavicular reacted to AllyOOP94 in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    You can use the CanMEDs framework to help you choose good ECs. This blog post has really good information about the framework and examples of ECs for each category within it: How To Select Extracurricular & Volunteer Activities To Increase Your Chances Of Acceptance To Med School.
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    thenavicular reacted to AB27 in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    Where did you hear this? Did that 40% not read U of T's website? Seems like a large percentage!
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    thenavicular reacted to RaptorsFan123 in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    Yeah, I am curious to hear where you got this stat. With the wGPA UofT implements, it can change your gpa quite a lot!
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    thenavicular reacted to Fortissimo502 in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    Is research really seen as an EC? Or is it kinda in the grey area due to its academic nature? I'm leaning towards using research as my longterm commitment standout EC because that's where my strength lies. Then I'll mix it up with the cookie cutter hospital volunteering, tutoring and maybe society membership.
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    thenavicular reacted to DrOtter in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    It's not so strictly considered EC because a lot of schools these days have an entire separate sections for research alone. With that said, UBC for example still considers research in their NAQ scores. And for Ontario, OMSAS still allows you to list research as a part of the ABS, alongside other forms of ECs such as Employment. So I think your application can be "research-heavy" as long as you make sure to diversify your commitments.
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    thenavicular reacted to DispIay Name in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    Don't get me wrong, ECs are definitely important, though I think this is quite the exaggeration. For example, almost 40% of UofT's applicants did not get their applications looked at, i.e., did not meet the 3.6/3.0 GPA and 500 MCAT minimums, or were missing prereq/degree requirements. This makes 90th percentile MCATs and 3.9 GPAs a notably small subset.
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    thenavicular reacted to RaptorsFan123 in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    I am not sure I agree with the "you're really interested in and make you genuinely grow as a person would be great." While this is important, and helps you stand out, it should also be said that with almost everyone having 90th percentile MCATs and crazy high GPAs, you need to show competitive long-term involvement in high ranking ECs to help you stand out. For example, being part of a club as a member vs the founder makes a difference, you could grow in both positions and show passion and interest, however one is much more prestigious and reflects better. Same thing, playing squash once a week because you're passionate about health and fitness vs. being on the provincial team for squash and winning gold is very different. Perhaps I could be wrong, I am also applying this year, but the upper years I know that get into EC heavy schools all have done a lot more than being in clubs and volunteering at hospitals. But the above posts are right, start with something you enjoy and try pushing as far as you can in the activity throughout your UG.
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    thenavicular reacted to theevilsloth in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    This may be beneficial to you as an applicant exploring medicine, but is not at all whatsoever a prerequisite in Canada. In fact, some schools like UBC actively discourage applicants from shadowing due to patient privacy concerns.
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    thenavicular reacted to DrOtter in Key Extra Curriculars?   
    Anything that you're really interested in and make you genuinely grow as a person would be great. 
    A few pointers if you're a bit lost in terms of interests, though:
    - Research. Always looked upon favourably by med schools, although some schools might have requirements that you publish something before you can even list it as a "research" experience. 
    - Leadership roles. Not everyone can get this point but if you can get involved in some ways that can speak to your leadership and teamwork, that'd be great. 
    - Possibly clinical shadowing, but this seems to be less of a prerequisite in Canada but will definitely benefit you if you want to speak about your experience dealing with patients. 
    With all that said, I perused interview/admitted/regrets threads from many schools for a while and can tell you that the actitivities that will make the most difference are the ones that you can genuinely and effectively describe in your entries and/or essays. Some even went overseas to disadvantaged nations on missions without getting in, while others managed with just working and cookie-cutter volunteer roles. 
    Best of luck in the new year!
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