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  1. Would it be a bad idea to apply for DO schools this cycle? I thought I had some chances for DO schools for this cycle I guess I can hold off, since I have all my LoRs uploaded on Interfolio to be used for next cycle as well.
  2. Hello wonderful people! I just finished my 4th year at a University in Canada - I'm a Canadian citizen, and I am currently planning to do my 5th year to boost my GPA and build up my ECs. I am almost done with my primary application for AACOMAS (DO schools), but I am a little hesitant to apply for AMCAS as well. Given that my stats are 3.65 cGPA with a strong upward trend (3.2 - 3.7 - 3.7 - 4.0) and 508 MCAT (127 125 127 129), should I give it a shot for US MD schools for this cycle? I am just worried because I heard US schools don't like to see reapplicants, so I was wondering if it
  3. Great! I will try to submit before June! Thank you for your help
  4. Thank you for the reply! I am planning to submit my application in June. However, I already booked the test for September, but I am not going to declare that I am retaking my MCAT. Do you think that will be fine as well? I can't cancel the exam anymore ...I am pretty sure I'll get a better score tho
  5. I am currently in the same situation... I would appreciate if you could let me know what the process was like? It is really hard to find any info for this case
  6. Thank you very much for the reply. Yes, they're all full time and the breakdown is (3.6 first two years, 3.78 third year, and around 3.85 in fourth year - still progressing) as I mentioned earlier... I was very much discouraged to rewrite MCAT since I had a steady 125 all throughout practice AAMC for CARS. I guess there's no chance for me in Canada unless I rewrite my exam.
  7. I am a 4th year Canadian student at Western, with a cGPA of 3.75. I am planning to do my fifth year, so I can complete some prereqs to open more doors and increase my GPA. (3.6 first two years, 3.78 third year, and around 3.85 in fourth year) What are my chances with 508 MCAT (127/125/127/129) for med school in Canada or US? I thought I could get into some mid-level med schools in US, but it seems like their cutoffs are a lot higher for Canadians or international students. Also, are there any chances for med schools in Canada with 125 CARS? Is there n
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