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  1. I think only the lab sections are different, the rest are the same. Not sure if we will even have labs in Term 1 though?
  2. Have those who have accepted their offer of admission received a mailed admission letter yet? Will we even be getting one?
  3. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know approximately how many people apply each year and how many people gets interviews?
  4. I just got my offer at 1:38pm PST!!! Good luck to everyone else who is waiting!
  5. Does anyone know if rejection letters have already been sent out? Or are they going to send out all the rejections along with the rest of the acceptances after June 23rd?
  6. Hey guys, do they usually send out rejections on the day of the first round of offers? Also does anyone know how many people are usually on the waitlist and how many people on the waitlist eventually gets accepted (based on past few years)?
  7. Thanks for the info! For those who received an offer, did you all get it at the exact same time? Thanks.
  8. Congrats everyone. Does anyone know if they are still sending out offers today? Has anyone received rejections?
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