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  1. How did you prepare for biology and chem?
  2. Ohh I see - the degree needs to be a four year degree though, right? Like it can't be a three year general degree?
  3. Just wanting to confirm because I know for U of T you can apply with 3 years
  4. I've been doing really bad at the keyhole section on the DAT because I can't seem to figure out whether the proportions in the options match that of the actual diagram (I'm having trouble figuring out if the options are too long/short, etc). Do you guys have any tricks for this? I'm always able to narrow down the options but size throws me off.
  5. I've heard Nicole's notes from crusher are pretty bad and I'm not exactly sure how to go about studying for the biology section... Should I study Nicole's notes and supplement with bootcamp? Study bootcamp notes and supplement with Nicole's? Study from Cliff's / Ferralis? Very confused at the moment and was hoping to get some advice!!
  6. I just started studying for the DAT by doing some keyhole questions. Everyone says it should take you under 1 minute ideally and it's taking me an average of 2 - 3 minutes...is this how it was for you guys as well? Or am I just doing something wrong?
  7. Approx how many hour each day? I will be studying in the summer (on top of taking biochemistry and organic chem) and plan on taking the exam in Nov.
  8. What resources did you use to prepare for the DAT?
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