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  1. Hi, I'm one of the students who's being offered an guaranteed interview for mac 2021, and I wanted to get a group of the other students in the same position to start practicing amongst starting this fall. I figured since we already know that we have an interview we can get a leg up on the competition by practicing ahead of time. We would try to meet over Skype, probably on a weekly basis to practice. If you're interested please respond to the thread or PM me.
  2. So i got an email back and they said that "if necessary" they'll increase interview spots to accommodate ppl that qualified for an interview but didn't receive an admission. Only applies to ppl that still apply and didn't get in anywhere else. Their wording is a bit imprecise and kinda leaves me with more questions than answers. Since they said "if neccesary" im assuming theyre going to rank to top 552 applicants and anyone with a guarenteed interview not in the top 552 will be added in aswell. This would be a best case scenario since it only means not as many extra applicants. Also for t
  3. has anyone emailed them to ask them to clarify? if not im sending an email rn
  4. I see. I'm not too sure but if I were to make a GUESE. I'd say they'll take their top 550 and then for any guarantees ppl that aren't in the top 550 they'll subtract ppl at the bottom of the list to make room for the guarantees ppl. There's only probably around 100-200 ppl with guaranteed interviews and most of them would've gotten another interview anyways imho so I doubt it'll make a huge impact. I could be wrong though as it's just speculation
  5. You don't have to rewrite the Casper at all they'll still let u in. I guess in a sense they'd be reusing ur old Casper score
  6. Just got a reply from Wendy and she says that the Goa used will be your new current GPA.and if u choose to rewrite the MCAT they're gonna use that new score as well.
  7. I'm pretty sure the cars score is used in the post interview stage. The weighting is 15% GPA 15% CARS and 70% interview score.
  8. I think that makes sense too since those are the marks we got the interview with. That being said Mac doesn't always do what makes sense. Like with how they did the interviews
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows what GPA and CARS scores will be used when seeing if we get into Mac (for those of us with guarenteed interviews). Will they use our application GPA and CARS from last year, or if our GPA and CARS scores increased this year will they use those instead? I emailed Wendy yesterday and have yet to hear back so i was wondering if anyone else knows.
  10. As some who's wGPA is the same as their cGPA I don't know how I feel about this... Hopefully this benefits me in some way hahahahaha
  11. does anyone know what time of the day the wave will come? If it's today or tmmrw or if there's a wave at all.
  12. I'm pretty sure you also get two weeks. I could be wrong
  13. i dont think they over offered and instead made the waitlist bigger. my reasoning for this is that they said they're only sending out 200 offer initially (100 rank and 100 lottery) so i think they would've mentioned if they were over offering(i guess i have faith that mac wont lie to us). That being said assuming the waitlist is 200 ppl (kind of a random guess) and since mac usually has 115~ additional offers then being on the waitlist doesn't seem that bad assuming since its close to 50%~ whether or not you get in. If my math is wrong can someone correct me im throwing numbers around haha
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