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  1. It actually only took a day for my payment to be processed but I think I was just lucky with timing!
  2. Does anyone know if I have to change my program on beartracks for both semesters? So far I’ve changed fall 2020 but it won’t let me change winter 2020. Also has anyone heard anything from Anjela or the faculty in general after getting their offer and accepting it?
  3. Hey guys I just got my acceptance letter this morning and I can’t wait to meet all of you!!! My GPA was around a 3.9 and I felt like my LOI was relatively strong but my interview was absolutely terrible so I’m surprised that I got accepted lol
  4. Yeah I did it a couple of days ago! It’s actually not that bad but I didn’t prepare at all so I wouldn’t advise that haha. There were no written questions on mine, all video. PharmDB’s description was pretty spot on so I don’t really have much to add. If you have any questions let me know
  5. Yeah I was just looking through past year threads and I saw that some people got accepted before deadlines for either the interview or transcripts so it got me thinking
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there’s a benefit to submitting the interview earlier on? I was originally not in a rush because I thought final transcripts would take forever to be received but they already have them apparently so I’ll do the interview soon if it increases my chances or gets me a quicker response
  7. Which is why I’m thinking of not submitting the letters because I’m kinda over this semester and I don’t want to do any work haha
  8. Ok well I heard back from Anjela and what she said was that winter 2020 courses were not going to be included in OGPA calculations and that they will accept the template letters to show your ranking in the class but they’re definitely not a requirement. She also said they will likely change the ranking score bc of CR/NCR this semester since they have at least a year and half of grades to still look at plus LOI and interview. So it’s really up to each individual whether they want to include the letters or not If they think their application needs the boost
  9. I emailed her a couple of hours ago so I hope one of us hears back before the long weekend
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