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  1. Hey, I’m a first year pharm student. regarding the job market, I’m not too worried. It really depends where you end up deciding to settle. Salary/hour is much lower in Toronto $35/hour) compared to places like Kitchener where you could get like $45/50+ per hour. I’ve also worked alongside a lot of pharmacists and noticed that they get hired very quickly after they leave previous jobs. So they’re still quite in demand. Lastly, in terms of automation, I don’t see that as a barrier to us. In fact, I see it as beneficial as most of the tech is replacing the technical aspects of dispensing, phar
  2. Didn’t receive anything either. Although the interview confirmation email came a few days after the due date, so maybe we can expect one this week. Who knows...
  3. They posted more info now, it’s on that website they emailed to us. I believe you can log on any time during the day to do the interview.
  4. do u guys think they will cancel interviews? Or atleast make them online?
  5. Hi, Just wondering how much the CASPer exam is weighted for applicants at Waterloo?
  6. Hey guys! Quick question....would an 85 overall average be good enough to be called for an interview? (I’m out of province btw)
  7. Hey guys! I’ve decided to start a thread for the 2020 applicants. Feel free to post any questions below!
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