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  1. Yeah I completely agree, I don't know how much of a learning curve there will be with PBL. Seems like UofT makes the most sense for you! Either way, I think there is no wrong choice. Best of luck and feel free to pm me if you wanna discuss more
  2. Yes I am! I'm leaning towards Mac because I think I'd really benefit from having that close contact with a clinician in the pbl groups, and I like how their curriculum is structured. From my understanding concepts are built upon with the 3 courses throughout the terms. I am a bit apprehensive with the pbl and self directed learning as my undergrad at Waterloo was more traditional and would probably align more with UofTs style. But it seems like all the OT programs incorporate some sort of pbl and small group work or are working to incorporate that style. Uoft seems to be more theory base
  3. I have a question for placements, McMaster has a rather large catchment area and I was wondering about how difficult it would be to commute to placements that are out of Hamilton. Can anyone speak on this. Im hoping to find a place in November in Hamilton, and am worried about the possibility of having a placement in another city.
  4. Thank you !! I appreciate the insight. I actually don't have my CPR-C training, so hoping I can complete that as soon as possible. There are a number of CPR-C, do you know which one would be best? Yes, see you soon hopefully!
  5. Hey can someone elaborate on the level C or BLS CPR required for Mac OT. Is the deadline still July 31, 2020?
  6. So will classes be fully online for OT at Mcmaster?
  7. Im deciding between OT at Mac and UofT, if anyone could provide insight on what McMaster can provide over UofT that would be appreciated !
  8. What are some of your deciding factors on which Ontario school to accept for OT?
  9. Accepted to Mcmaster and UofT on orpas for OT, Western says "waitlist accepted" anyone know what that means?
  10. I got an email today from McMaster that all MMI interviews will be held online!
  11. Hi guys ! If anyone has experience with McMasters MMI interviews for OT could you pls share some tips or pointers! How can one prepare for the test? What sort of topics would be beneficial to research? I'm really nervous and have no idea where to start. (Also my interview is remote).
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