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  1. Oh I was supposed to fly there for an interview in mid April too, but they moved it to ZOOM in June because of the pandemic.
  2. I received the offer through email on 17/6, 7 days after my interview. The deadline to accept/decline is 30/6 so I suppose they’ll notify the waitlisted ones then! Good luck.
  3. Hey all. I just got my rejection letter two days ago. They said they’re prioritising Quebec residents this year due to the pandemic. Good luck to you all though!
  4. I messaged them before and they insisted that I’ll find out in May/June. It’s frustrating to have to check throughout two whole months smh. Hopefully their last offers/waitlist will be out soon. Update: As if they’ve heard my prayers, just got my rejection letter. For anyone curious, they said Quebec residents are prioritised this year due to the pandemic (I’m international).
  5. Anyone knows if there's a Facebook group for UBC OT cohort? Also, I'm confused about the housing situation since I heard a lot of Canadian schools are teaching online for the fall semester but UBC seems to want to begin orientation as usual in late August? And allows smaller face-to-face classes too so I assume OT courses fall under this.
  6. Applied + (PT or OT?): OT UBC and McGill OT QY Accepted: UBCWaitlisted: Rejected: McGillGPA:c-gpa 3.66/4.33, ~3.6/4 (McGill), sGPA ~3.9/4.33 (UBC)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: 1 year working as a teaching assistant for children with special education needs in a primary school (co-teaching, leading focus groups for dyslexic kids, individualised education program for an autistic child), 70 hours shadowing at a pediatric centre for pre-school SEN children. Member of the executive committee for a student society promoting mental health awareness. Peer support in univers
  7. Anyone here interviewed for UBC MOT program? I'm an international student about to have my interview soon (delayed due to COVID). I have massive anxiety when it comes to interviews so I'd appreciate any pointers about the interview and the directions I should prepare for. So far, I've reviewed my personal experience and prepared for some CASPer-like situational questions. Are there any technical questions/trickier ones that are out of the standard MMI? Thanks!
  8. Hello there, thanks so much for replying! My cGPA for McGill is more or less the same as yours (converted from 3.66/4.3) but I have half as much volunteer experience as you :/ Mostly in pediatric serving kids with special education needs, as well as some other less relevant volunteer and student committee experience in mental health and serving refugees. Bracing myself to apply again next year after more volunteer experience in different settings and perhaps public health research experience (my undergraduate degree is not that relevant - Political Science). I've contacted them and
  9. Hi! Congrats on your McGill offer! Do you mind sharing your grades and experience? When did you get the offer? I also applied for OT QY but my application is still under review.
  10. Hello, may I ask when did you receive the offer from McGill? Is it a QY program? Thanks a lot!
  11. Thanks for responding! I saw that they didn’t say if it’s for a QY program or not. Sucks that they don’t have a date for release so we have to check daily LOL. Ah, sweet anxiety. Hope we’ll hear back soon!
  12. Is it for a QY program or the Masters? Do you mind sharing your sGPA/cGPA?
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