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  1. mine says credit balance of 250$. I paid the deposit on thursday evening!
  2. Just accepted my offer to UofT OT, so that should open up the waitlist for Queen's to someone else!
  3. hey I'm also from BC and got an offer from UofT OT, SG campus. I think they said term 1 would be completely online. It's one of the reasons I'm leaning towards accepting from UofT due to cost of living as well as any issues relating to covid since the cases in Toronto are way higher than here in BC. Hoping we get more info in the virtual orientation as well!
  4. Applied + (PT or OT?): All OT - Western, UBC, UofA, Mac, Queens, UofT Accepted: UofT, QueensWaitlisted: UofARejected: UBC (after interview), Mac (no interview), Western GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa: cgpa: 3.66 sgpa: 3.73 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I finished my BA in psychology 4 years ago. Also, I did 5 years of undergrad and in my 5th year I only took 3 courses each term to get more work/volunteer experience. In all other years I did 4 or 5 courses during a term. I also took a human anatomy course last summer and did really well in it so that might have helped. I
  5. I got rejection letter from western and acceptance from Toronto & queens to my personal email. my sgpa is 3.73 and cgpa is 3.66
  6. Got into OT at UofT and Queens on ORPAS! Queens sent an email to my personal e-mail.
  7. I'm on the waitlist! Not from SK though. Haven't heard anything yet. Good luck!!
  8. Thank you! Forgot to mention this is for OT. I heard from Alberta around 4pm today (April 22) and UBC was April 6.
  9. I'm on the waitlist for University of Alberta! Got declined from UBC (interview went poorly imo), so fingers crossed! My GPA is around 85%. I have 4 years of experience working with children with disabilities and ~6mos with adults with disabilities.
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