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  1. She's starting her residency in Toronto and banks with BMO right now but I'll pass on the suggestions. Thank you.
  2. can anyone recommend a financial advisor or bank that provides line of credits to medical residents in the same way they do for medical students? I have a friend who is graduating med school and starting her residency in Ontario.
  3. Mac is my first choice! Thanks so much for sharing. Do students feel disadvantaged not having a formal pharm course ?
  4. Completely agree after having written the real Casper.
  5. Done with this test finally !!!!!! SORRY TO HEAR about so many people running into issues and not being able to finish their test
  6. You might be out of luck ... someone else posted this in the Mac Forum http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/87604-official-casper-sim-score-thread/page-2#entry968780
  7. sorry to hear ... I wasn't expecting the score report to give me feedback on my answers and the score report/performance profile were helpful in identifying which areas I needed to work on .... but I'm finding it hard to improve when I don't know specifically which of my answers are lacking and need improvement. Hopefully I won't have to see this test again! Good luck to everyone tomorrow
  8. Congrats. I'm trying to stay positive. Did FL#2 and got my score: 43.8 but I ran out of time on a few of the questions and had to leave several blank. Time was really tight.
  9. Enough free CASPer tests online? care to share .....
  10. Unfortunately for percentile scores, some folks like us are going to have to really mediocre scores but I don't think the scores are computer generated because another one of my med school buddies took the test and got his score back today and it was also in the 80s, so they are definitely answering the questions differently. Strangely he said his test was only 3 stations whereas mine was 5 stations when I did it earlier this month. Perhaps, they are getting overwhelmed by all of us trying to get a free score ... lol.
  11. I got my score back in 4 days for the sample test.
  12. Well the sample is only a few stations but they also have paid tests that range from 4 stations to full length which is 12 stations. Anyhow, a friend of mine (who is a first year med student not at Mac) completed the sample CASPer SIM test and got their %score back .... 80.3 !!!!!!!!!! I wish that was my score
  13. how come you were cut off? was it because you ran out of time or was it a glitch in the system?
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