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  1. Hey, I haven't had any my verifiers contacted yet. But last year in the first week of May a couple of verifiers were contacted. Then again, I did not receive admission last year so maybe that doesn't mean much.
  2. Mine also says 6:30am. Do you know if we supposed to register in advance?
  3. @tired123 hmm thats odd. Does your email have a span trap? Maybe its worth checking that out. I know my university has a spam trap and some of the emails get re-directed there if they are not from our own university.
  4. Yes, I got an email when I started my application. The same email included my student ID and CCID.
  5. TIME STAMP: 7:04 ESTResult: Invite!UCAN GPA: 3.99MCAT: 126 CARS; 517ECS: filled 10/10 and reflected lots while writing them. MSc in progress Geography : IP
  6. Time Stamp: 1:04 MSTResult: Invite!!GPA: 4.00 (based on UofA, Ucalgary was 3.99)MCAT: 517 (129/126/131/131) - definitely weak in CARSCurrent/Past Degree: MScGeography (IP/OOP): IP ECs: Last year I scored 4/17 (very disappointing). This year I filled 16/16, but tbh I feel like my ECs are pretty average. Employment, student researcher (several funded positions), residence advisor, digital consulting and some retail work. Leadership: mentorship roles, Teaching assistance, campus tour guide, and some other university positions. Volunteering: Clinical research, general hospital volunteer, re
  7. My CASPer is now up but I don't see a GPA posted. But I do have my final transcript still outstanding since I have not graduated yet so maybe thats why.
  8. Last year I remember my verifiers had to do both. The were first asked if the information we entered is true and then they were asked some personal questions about the applicant. It's been a while and I don't exactly remember but I think it was something along the lines of "How well do you know the applicant" and some things about "The applicants performance in the role they are verifying".
  9. The application deadline of October 15, 2020 at 11:59:59PM MT. I found the exact time on the responsibilities form in the secondary application.
  10. I have applied for the rural seats this year but unfortunately didn’t make it off the waitlist. We can’t be sure how the adcom looks at the rural applicants but I think that that the classification plays a larger role pre-interview than post interview. If you have any more questions feel feee to message me
  11. Yes I got it too. I think they are keeping everyone's file until September. I think it's safe to say we've got to apply again for next cycle.
  12. My god your ECs sound incredible. Your MCAT and GPA are also great for Alberta Schools. It blows my mind that you weren’t able to get and interview this year. I think with those stats and experiences you should really apply again and try to write about these experiences more as reflections than description to add some depth to your applications. Also make sure all your verifiers are willing to verify your hours just because UofA contacts everyone of then. The casper is also important for UofA and some other OOP schools so maybe invest more time on it next time to be more confident in your appl
  13. Anyone hear anything today? This is the last week that I'm holding out any hope, I really hope there is some movement this week.
  14. Well here’s to hoping that the OOP applicants are lucky enough to get offers in their home province and that can open up some more spots for the IPs. Really odd that we haven’t had any posts of waitlisters receiving offers. The number of offers released each round could be really low already.
  15. It’s great that we have built such a supportive community on this thread. I really hope we start hearing some good news this week.
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