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  1. Yes, the first phase of the application is just personal information and once you pay the application fee you will be able to start the secondary application (with GPA, MCAT and ECs) on launchpad opens up. At least that’s how it was last year.
  2. So I tried to make a FB group but couldn't find a way to do that without having everyone as a friend so instead I made a discord server. We can always add other channels to the server too if we want to chat about different things. So if you have accepted your offer to join the class of 2025 and want to get to know some other classmates feel free to join https://discord.gg/dGDTjKMQ I know I would love to chat with other people going through this big step.
  3. I love that idea! I like the idea of a facebook group chat since it looks like most of us should already be on facebook for the other group.
  4. Honestly, I like everything! I’ll love a happy feel good show right about now. But also love a good action/thriller to get me hooked.
  5. Such a great show! Unfortunately, I binged that right about this time last year.
  6. You’re definitely not alone! Im desperately searching for a new show on Netflix to keep me busy this week until decisions come out. Any suggestions?
  7. Not sure about this year, but last year my verifiers were contacted a week or two before offers and I got regrets. I also know a friend of mine who never heard of their verifiers being contacted and got admitted. So I really believe the check is truly random.
  8. Hi all, As someone who went through a brutal wait after being waitlisted at UofA last year to get rejected officially in Sept, I can assure you many of these glitches and observations are just conspiracies. Last year, we thought we were onto something about our position on the waitlist with the creation time of the letters and at the end it was all random. Remember the chance of this message appearing at random is the same as it having some pattern. Don’t let this ruin your night or your hope. Launchpad is new this year and Im sure the IT side of things is still in development. Don’t lose hope
  9. New post by Dr. P on the blog!! Looks like offers are coming out the week of May 10th. Good luck everyone, we are almost there
  10. Hey, I haven't had any my verifiers contacted yet. But last year in the first week of May a couple of verifiers were contacted. Then again, I did not receive admission last year so maybe that doesn't mean much.
  11. Mine also says 6:30am. Do you know if we supposed to register in advance?
  12. @tired123 hmm thats odd. Does your email have a span trap? Maybe its worth checking that out. I know my university has a spam trap and some of the emails get re-directed there if they are not from our own university.
  13. Yes, I got an email when I started my application. The same email included my student ID and CCID.
  14. TIME STAMP: 7:04 ESTResult: Invite!UCAN GPA: 3.99MCAT: 126 CARS; 517ECS: filled 10/10 and reflected lots while writing them. MSc in progress Geography : IP
  15. Time Stamp: 1:04 MSTResult: Invite!!GPA: 4.00 (based on UofA, Ucalgary was 3.99)MCAT: 517 (129/126/131/131) - definitely weak in CARSCurrent/Past Degree: MScGeography (IP/OOP): IP ECs: Last year I scored 4/17 (very disappointing). This year I filled 16/16, but tbh I feel like my ECs are pretty average. Employment, student researcher (several funded positions), residence advisor, digital consulting and some retail work. Leadership: mentorship roles, Teaching assistance, campus tour guide, and some other university positions. Volunteering: Clinical research, general hospital volunteer, re
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