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  1. is it possible to get them before you decide which ones to use?
  2. Congratulations! That is pretty reassuring actually... do you ever have to put in what your electives were?
  3. I've heard that some people say that they want to do X specialty just so they get more detailed comments. Is that a good approach?
  4. Thank you for sharing. I imagine you do feel quite proud to have gone through medical school while also learning French "on the side". I am hoping for some advice on a similar-ish situation. I have a B2 level in French and I am currently studying it here and there (podcasts and a course heavy on vocabulary). I know my weak spot is writing and grammar. I'm currently in year 1 of medical school but would like to achieve a level that will allow me to do some clerkship electives in Quebec and possibly residency. Do you have any advice on how to improve while being in medical school? You can
  5. depends on the city. In Toronto it is difficult and some family doctors ask for money when they retire. In smaller cities it's not too hard. There is https://hfojobs.healthforceontario.ca/en/ you can make a guest account and see what jobs are available for FHOs
  6. A close person to me is a family doctor and it really depends on the payment scheme you are part of. If you part of a FHO you can make a LOT depending on roster. Friend quoted around 450k (before tax, before overhead, including access bonus) for 1700 roster. It also depends if you work in a cheap or expensive area, and how big the FHO is since that can increase/decrease your overhead. No idea for internal but there were some numbers floating around in a Toronto Star article. If someone can dig that up. EDIT: maybe "a LOT" is subjective. Some people may say 450k isnt a lot?
  7. Is it possible that they were just looking to see how you approach the riddle? Im thinking you can't know for sure that you absolutely had to solve the riddle to get the "max score" I can totally relate how frustrating it is though to put in so much work across many years and then for it to get down to a riddle
  8. Sorry for being vague, I clarified (hopefully) that I meant summer observerships or as we call them non-credit summer electives
  9. I've heard of people doing this in past years. But I've never had anybody actually explain how to do this. It's always been very vague and somewhat secretive (?). How do I start? Is it possible? Who do I ask? Thank you EDIT: to clarify I meant to do summer observerships (non-credit electives we call them)
  10. Theres also some dentists that will accept a payment plan
  11. I noticed some programs require transcript from bachelors. My first 2 years were average (~3.6 GPA or 81%) and the last two 3.9. (86%). I know I can't change this now in medical school.... just hoping to gain some insight into how these transcripts are used for CARMS selection. Hoping to hear from some applicants that had less than glorious marks in their bachelors and if they think that may have affected their chances
  12. i love wearing scrubs. They hide the nervous sweats
  13. Most stores are still closed and I dont really think it's too wise to go clothes shopping in person now. However, I have some observerships coming up and have NO IDEA what to wear in clinic. What do people wear? Seems like a suit is overkill but jeans is too casual. Please help with some suggestions - a clueless person that hates shopping
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