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  1. Might as well publish it after all that work. I've been there it sucks...... I guess just don't sign up for more work with it though
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I realize it's fairly subjective which def adds to the stress Are systematic reviews & meta-analysis less valuable generally?
  3. Just curious if the amount of research truly does matter. Does it make a difference is you have 3 vs 5 first author pubs in said speciality? Sorry if it's too oddly specific.... also does it matter in which Med Year you publish it>
  4. I am planning experiences to increase my chances to match to a competitive speciality (interest group leadership, research, observerships, etc). This is great but the catch is that basically everybody that I have met are incredibly motivated, smart, and capable. I can't help but feel that what if I am not at that level or better (seeing that there is a competition for a few positions). It's stressful because I constantly hear the phrases of fitting in with said speciality, the staff and residents liking you and so on. But what does that mean? I keep circling around: Am I good enough for this?
  5. It would be just me and my partner, mostly likely. We had a few things planned with friends but that has to be cancelled because of COVID-19 lockdown extension in Ontario. It's been a lot of work and tears to get into med school and this whole year was pretty tough and isolating. I want to do something fun to celebrate but I can't find any good ideas...... that are applicable during this lockdown/stay at home order. Tired of grabbing food and chilling in a park or hiking. Is there nothing else? Im not the most creative person so.... looking for some suggestions
  6. FYI many FHO retiring docs also ask for $$ to give you the practice.
  7. I would prefer to stay at my home school program but this may change due to partner's job. I guess not knowing which program to focus on to build relationships is making me feel like I have to cast a wide net. Definitely, been very busy with the projects but I guess that's the only positive about COVID - more time for projects. I plan on reading up on speciality topics during the summer, as I do feel that I should be more proficiency in the clinial side of things. Maybe I am underestimating the value of that
  8. How do people go about doing this? Im currently doing 3 projects at different schools but could not imaging adding another one. I'm definitely at the limit of my research time. Research definitely seems like a great way to network but is it necessary to do it at each school to get a good chance there? Is elective performance enough otherwise? (hoping to apply to a top 3 competitive speciality, currently M1)
  9. If you are part of the 171 strangers, I feel the same but I fully think it's because of COVID-19. We're all so eager to make friends. Lots of people live together so if two of those houses get together it looks like a big group
  10. desired speciality at that universsity
  11. Im curious how it would work if say someone has done only research with a staff at an away university but cannot do a clinical experience. Is that still valuable?
  12. Do you have any guesses as to why ENT did not work out? How many interviews? Do you think the letters? I think if you can figure out why it may help with choosing the next step
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