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  1. Im curious if the master's degree is good because of the publications or you get some sort of extra points because you have a masters degree?
  2. My gut says no because the net would not be big (capital gains), I plan to only invest in index funds. People that have done it, how does it work with OSAP elibigility? Thanks
  3. Im wondering how do you explain the elective choices if you apply to multiple specialties? My understanding is that you list what electives you took? Sorry if this is common knowledge!
  4. Did you tell the 2 specialties that they are your top choice?
  5. I think it's possible but you may have to be ready to spend $$ on daycare or nannies. If you dont have financial support that may mean higher LOC than other students. Also depends on the location of the school and its tuition. If you can find a cheap location/school combo I've heard of people having kids in med school but they had support
  6. I LOL'ed so hard at this "" But for the average person in the western culture, what is the BIGGEST motive behind wanting to look better, working out, wanting a lot of $$$ and so on... yes there are other factors but sex makes up the biggest portion. Biologically and evolutionary supported as well. "" How insulting/degrading to say that everything men do is because they want sex.
  7. Have you tried to look for actual job postings? It seems that a few do come up every year or other year if you are flexible with location across canada
  8. Have you guys seen the star article ? https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2021/01/04/amid-an-uproar-over-cancelled-tests-some-say-the-body-that-oversees-medical-exams-for-resident-doctors-seeking-licences-is-obsolete.html There is also a group campaigning against this test https://www.facebook.com/groups/2448564252140163
  9. What I've heard from residents is to keep living like a med student for the first few years so you can pay it down a little bit. Although, with the interest rates being so low right now, I'm not as concerned as I would be
  10. Yes, definitely! I wouldnt not recommend cheaping out on accommodation It's very stressful though seeing the debt accumulate.
  11. Im at Western so rent is cheaper here. You end up saving a bit if you room with others, live in a cheaper city
  12. from the talks we've had it seems like 150k is around the average for Ontario
  13. Im guessing you would make a lot more money by doing less years Could be why!
  14. I'm trying to but we keep having "scary" CARMS talks by the school! But advice taken. Thanks for everybody's input. Always great to hear from others
  15. Yes for sure! I was just curious because I am just learning about CARMS. I'm still in first year med so lots of time to think about interview questions
  16. Do you know if there is a strong preference for Quebec applicants or it works out that way because of French?
  17. I feel like you are good at this... lucky for me I have no interest in derm. But say I am interested in rads... that would be hard to spin into family.....
  18. Have you gone through each question that you got wrong? I know it sounds basic but understanding WHY you got the question wrong helps a lot
  19. I noticed that Quebec residency programs on the CARMS website say that they take into consideration med school marks. Ontario is P/F so not sure how that would work? I guess my question is also more general. How does it work to match to Quebec from Ontario med school? I couldnt find anything about it?
  20. Im curious what you can say a at a family medicine interview if you only have 1 elective in it.
  21. I always see your posts and I just want to say that you sound like a badass!
  22. Im guessing if the speciality is somewhat related, it's possible to spin it no? I mean things are related in medicine....
  23. Are there any summer opportunities for pre-clerks from other schools to have some clinical learning experiences (not during COVID of course)? Im at a B2 for French but never practice it within a clinical setting
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