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  1. Might as well publish it after all that work. I've been there it sucks...... I guess just don't sign up for more work with it though
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I realize it's fairly subjective which def adds to the stress Are systematic reviews & meta-analysis less valuable generally?
  3. Just curious if the amount of research truly does matter. Does it make a difference is you have 3 vs 5 first author pubs in said speciality? Sorry if it's too oddly specific.... also does it matter in which Med Year you publish it>
  4. I am planning experiences to increase my chances to match to a competitive speciality (interest group leadership, research, observerships, etc). This is great but the catch is that basically everybody that I have met are incredibly motivated, smart, and capable. I can't help but feel that what if I am not at that level or better (seeing that there is a competition for a few positions). It's stressful because I constantly hear the phrases of fitting in with said speciality, the staff and residents liking you and so on. But what does that mean? I keep circling around: Am I good enough for this?
  5. It would be just me and my partner, mostly likely. We had a few things planned with friends but that has to be cancelled because of COVID-19 lockdown extension in Ontario. It's been a lot of work and tears to get into med school and this whole year was pretty tough and isolating. I want to do something fun to celebrate but I can't find any good ideas...... that are applicable during this lockdown/stay at home order. Tired of grabbing food and chilling in a park or hiking. Is there nothing else? Im not the most creative person so.... looking for some suggestions
  6. FYI many FHO retiring docs also ask for $$ to give you the practice.
  7. I would prefer to stay at my home school program but this may change due to partner's job. I guess not knowing which program to focus on to build relationships is making me feel like I have to cast a wide net. Definitely, been very busy with the projects but I guess that's the only positive about COVID - more time for projects. I plan on reading up on speciality topics during the summer, as I do feel that I should be more proficiency in the clinial side of things. Maybe I am underestimating the value of that
  8. How do people go about doing this? Im currently doing 3 projects at different schools but could not imaging adding another one. I'm definitely at the limit of my research time. Research definitely seems like a great way to network but is it necessary to do it at each school to get a good chance there? Is elective performance enough otherwise? (hoping to apply to a top 3 competitive speciality, currently M1)
  9. If you are part of the 171 strangers, I feel the same but I fully think it's because of COVID-19. We're all so eager to make friends. Lots of people live together so if two of those houses get together it looks like a big group
  10. desired speciality at that universsity
  11. Im curious how it would work if say someone has done only research with a staff at an away university but cannot do a clinical experience. Is that still valuable?
  12. Do you have any guesses as to why ENT did not work out? How many interviews? Do you think the letters? I think if you can figure out why it may help with choosing the next step
  13. I think a huge incentive would be to offer some money/gift/grant to a group doing this. A lot of med students need the $$. I know I do
  14. I think it's a very cool idea! I mean would we? it's just formulating and answering questions
  15. If anybody wants to start and lead a canadian initiative for this (club) count me in! Anybody looking for a leadership position? calling all gunner lmao!
  16. So if you apply for 2 specialties they would basically know because of your CV
  17. I have a random question: do programs see the exact same CV or can you tailor your CV to different programs?
  18. Yes good point... and you can also e-mail Ottawa and they tell you the cutoff
  19. I know Ottawa did (not sure now), never applied to NOSM (but they may have some francophone stuff), McGill as far as I know they do not. Also something to consider is that some schools have a francophone stream or some French preference. Ottawa has and NOSM (I think) have them. These sometimes have different GPA requirements.
  20. Have you tried to see what your wGPA is? As in how every medical school can weighs it? For example, UWO only takes your best 2 years.
  21. I also joined medical school at 26 later than many of my classmates. Ive also had family members that were not supportive. I've heard comments like why are you doing medicine, you're going to be a student forever, how about staring a family etc. I would say that it's not necessarily a disadvantage - like other have said you end up doing the job all your life. The other milestones are more or less social constructs. Maybe figure out what is important for you in your life. Medical school shouldnt be your only goal or joy in life. I echo the travelling part but obviously that is not possibl
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