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    dooogs got a reaction from hijkl in What would you tell your yonger self in the earlier years of medschool?   
    Cries in COVID-19 restrictions
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    dooogs reacted to Artier in Building relationships at different schools?   
    You certainly do not need to do research at a particular institution to match there for residency. Some students do research outside of their home school and this can help, but most don't. By the time you reach clerkship, cross-country electives will surely resume so you can use these to show interest at particular centres.
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    dooogs reacted to anbessa21 in Building relationships at different schools?   
    Certainly being involved in projects is a great way build connections in the field, particularly as a pre-clerk. Be wary of stretching yourself too thin - both for the sake of ensuring quality and timely work, but more importantly for your own mental health and well being. You certainly do not need to perform research at every program to which you intend to apply. In smaller fields, everybody knows everybody, and by word of mouth, your PI's/staff's network in some ways become your own. However, focusing on your home school plus a select one or two other institutions (which may later comprise your top 3 ranks) is certainly feasible and high yield.
    All this considered, make sure you leave enough time to enjoy your med school experience; join clubs/intramurals that interest you (thanks COVID, but you’ve still got time), make lifelong friendships, and focus on building a strong knowledge base that will serve you well as a clerk. The connections and networks you'll build in the coming months/years are analogous to a wobbly jenga tower. They need to be stacked up on a solid foundation of elective performance and affability or else it’ll all come tumbling down.
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    dooogs reacted to shikimate in Most important factors for CaRMs? And how to get strong LORs?   
    Prestige doesn't really a role in Canada, especially since you come from a Francophone school, the staff at UofT most likely have zero clue which Francophone school is more or less prestigious than others.
    If you really want UofT you should find ways to show your face as often as you can during your 4 years. For example you could do research project in Toronto during the summer, then do as many electives as you can in Toronto. 
    Honestly a lot of times it's very hard to rank candidates because they all have good knowledge and skill, so naturally the person that they are most familiar with, aka the ones that they are comfortable with or some faculty knows in person, gets ranked higher.
    I think sometimes it's not the best because some people are very friendly and likable but they're honestly poorly skilled subpar candidates. Nonetheless you see this all the time because it's human nature that when we like a candidate we tend to selectively ignore their weaknesses and convince ourselves that just because they're skilled in socializing and maybe ass kissing, they'll be equally skilled at their tasks. 
    If you want a funny musical corollary of what I just said above, you can enjoy this little ditty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kfao1s3Tiek
    Also when COVID is over and conferences are in person again you should attend them, where you might meet faculties. 
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    dooogs reacted to jb24 in Most important factors for CaRMs? And how to get strong LORs?   
    Being hardworking and well rounded goes a long way. Some hyper-competitive specialties like plastics, derm and ER probably look for research activities. I still think in Canada clinical rotations and your interview matter most, but this is just my opinion. Overall buckle up and enjoy the ride.
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    dooogs reacted to anbessa21 in advice to be a strong candidate for plastic surgery   
    How late are we talking? I'd imagine you're rotation is some form of core clerkship selective with would put you somewhere in your third year...
    For context, I did not match plastics (couldn't decide between plastics and another surgical specialty, so I ranked in an alternating manner based on location). I did; however, rank plastics at my most desired location first, ahead of the other surgical specialty in that same location, which I ranked second and ultimately matched to. However as someone who discovered an interest late (i.e. the September 2020 for CaRMS 2021), I was able to secure 4 interviews with only 2 weeks of elective time, and only 2 specialty specific LORs. The only reason this was possible was by a) studying like mad ahead of my 2-week rotation (including looking at the OR schedule ahead of time, knowing the patients well and familiarizing myself with relevant anatomy related to all cases, staying late/picking up multiple days of call) and b) linking up with a PI who took a tremendous degree of personal interest in my success, helped me generate some degree of relevant research productivity in a very short time span, and sold me as the second coming of Christ in his LOR (I know this as I requested my letters and Casper from CaRMS). As you can imagine, there is an overwhelmingly significant component of luck involved, and even with this, it is a strong possibility that I wouldn't have matched plastics, even if I had ranked based on discipline. I speculate that the primary reason I wasn't able to match to my top choice was my lack of elective time (interpreted as 'lack of dedication'). Given that my interest in the other specialty predated plastics, I had booked all of my 2-week elective slots accordingly, and ultimately decided it was too big a risk for too little a reward (given my dual interest) to change these in favour of more plastics time. In retrospect, I believe that to maximize success, even with a late narrative, you must still make this realization with enough time to go as all-in as possible elective wise (i.e. 8 weeks). Aside from that, it's really a crapshoot. Do your very best, study up for electives + work hard and know your stuff, more importantly make big connections through research and networking on electives. Try to produce some relevant research output. But most importantly, pray that fortune decides to shine its (often) arbitrarily directed light upon you, because many people do all of these things from day 1 of M1 and still end up without a spot, or even without an interview. Oh, and have a solid parallel plan. 
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    dooogs reacted to sanoori in Med School Coping   
    yes 171 strangers!!! great group. i too think its all because of COVID so im not tooooo bugged down by all of it, but i have lived in london most of my life and so i have a support group already established. I would imagine someone new to london/western without that support group would feel a lot worse :/. either way though i hope to meet my classmates soon, including you @dooogs!
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    dooogs reacted to bearded frog in Getting 3 Specialty Letters?   
    Depends, if the research is in your desired field than maybe? Especially at that university.
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    dooogs got a reaction from indefatigable in Unmatched - Not sure what to do!   
    Do you have any guesses as to why ENT did not work out? How many interviews? Do you think the letters? I think if you can figure out why it may help with choosing the next step
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    dooogs reacted to unmatchingsucks in Unmatched - Not sure what to do!   
    I have no connections with any field other than ENT. If ENT rejected me after doing a month of electives with them at my home school, there is no reason why they wont reject me again.
    I am also so disappointed that IM is not an option this year. I really want to specialize and not be a generalist. I really do feel out of options.
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    dooogs reacted to Butterfly_ in CaRMS 2021 Interviews--DISCUSSIONS   
    When we wake up tomorrow, our lives will change.
    Wishing everyone all the best!!!!
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    dooogs got a reaction from sanoori in Toronto Notes Anki Deck   
    This would be a cool club idea/initiative
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    dooogs reacted to Persephone in Med School Coping   
    Hey @impartial_agonist, I am really sorry this has been your experience so far. The pandemic definitely made the social aspect of medical school more challenging. Does your school have a peer mentorship type of program? Reach out to your student affairs office or even ask your classmates if they know of anything like that. We have a few different types of peer support between upper years and lower years at Mac, I am sure similar things exist at other med schools. An upper year mentor may be able to give you some advice specific to your school about making connections with other med students. At the very least it can be someone to vent a bit to that will understand where you're coming from.
    I would also say just keep showing up to organized extra-curricular activities (even if they are still all online), you may not necessarily get a friend circle out of it, but you will still be giving yourself an opportunity to feel some sense of shared experience with other med students. And of course reach out to your friends you had before med school, keep those connections. Even with med student friends you would want that sense of grounding and outsider perspective non-med student friendships will provide.
    If you feel up to it, you can also put out a friendly call out on whatever forum your class uses to connect (FB group?) to your classmates. Something along the lines of, "hey I had hoped to make more connections among our class by this point, but I've unfortunately found it more challenging to accomplish than I expected. If you are in a similar situation or you have some room at your next zoom drinks night please reach out to me, I'd absolutely love to hear from you. We have a great class and I would love to get to know some more people in it!" Just something that keeps it positive, hopefully doesn't make you feel desperate but lets people know you are looking for that connection, maybe needing some peer support. And who knows, someone may be in the same situation and you might bond over that!
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    dooogs reacted to medmedmed132 in Toronto Notes Anki Deck   
    Was wondering if anyone had a premade deck from the Toronto Notes book. I know that a number of USMLE-based Anki decks exist, but I worry that they're not Canadian enough to study for shelf exams and the LMCC here in Canada.
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    dooogs reacted to bellejolie in Countdown to April 20th   
    haha yeah but a lot of programs don't look at the carms CV only the custom! 
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    dooogs reacted to bellejolie in Countdown to April 20th   
    if it the carms CV then it's standard because you can only fill it once. otherwise you can make a custom CV (if the program requested it) per program. 
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    dooogs reacted to rmorelan in Countdown to April 20th   
    I would agree- easy to read into that something that was not intended. 
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    dooogs reacted to Sauna in Countdown to April 20th   
    I think they’re just reminding the other students that not everyone matches so it’s important to be compassionate when interacting with the 4th years about this topic.
    I can only imagine how much it sucks to go unmatched, but it would be much worse if on top of that I have to answer to a bunch of people messaging me about what I matched to.
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    dooogs reacted to G3BMed in Didn't get in, would appreciate any advice   
    Hi everyone! 

    I am just finishing a Master's and unfortunately didn't get into any schools this year. So I'm just wondering if any of you nice people have some advice. Here are my stats:
    B.Eng Mechanical Engineering: 3.57/4.3, converted to 3.50/4 by OMSAS this year; science GPA 3.95/4.0 M.Sc.: 4.0/4.0 French speaker, Québec resident I own a medical technology startup and have a variety of clinical/leadership EC's throughout university My parents are caretakers for children and adults with down syndrome, so obviously spent a lot of my time helping out until I left for university I have two first-author papers, and a couple other papers lower down the author list; couple patents I haven't written the MCAT I'd appreciate any feedback/help. I know a lot of people will recommend a second undergrad, but given my student debt, and the fact that many of my friends still haven't gotten in following their 2nd degree, I'm less inclined to go that route. 
    I'm working full-time for my company and love it, but interacting with doctors gave me such a deep appreciation for what they do. I'm wondering: would a solid MCAT be enough to make me competitive in the rest of Canada? How about the US? Any other options I should be looking at?
    Thanks so much!
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    dooogs reacted to Hanmari in Learning Nothing in Clerkship   
    All of medical education is a tug of war between learning and exploitation that synthesizes into a steady deterioration of everything, punctuated by replenishments that become fewer and further between. And that is not okay, but it is not the hill you want to die on. Expect nothing from the system and look at the daily work in terms of its utility - will it help you match? Is it actually good learning? At rare times it actually is. And sometimes you may want to show initiative to make good impressions even if it isn't. But if you decide it is truly useless, do not hesitate to claw back as much time and energy as you can from the system and put it to your own use. Take frequent breaks, refuse to do procedures, call in sick within the limits afforded by your school. Bear in mind the potential consequences of doing such things and balance those risks with the benefits of having more free time. Play the tug of war right, and you can get through the hoops with less burnout. 
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    dooogs reacted to zoxy in Why is MD considered more prestigious than PhD?   
    The Germans are title obsessed. If I ever become an academic, you can be damn sure I'll be putting Prof. Dr. on my Lufthansa boarding pass. Heck, I'll even make my mother call me that.
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    dooogs reacted to bellejolie in CaRMS 2021 Interviews--DISCUSSIONS   
    Ahha that’s ok - but try to distract yourself. You know a good show is handmaids tale - and everything is based on stuff that actually happens in other parts of the world. So it makes it all seem Like this is a blip in the grand scheme of things! And a very good distraction. Also another new show I discovered on Netflix is snowpiercer and loved it. Plus u know nature and walks? LOL. 
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    dooogs reacted to MedHopeful93 in CaRMS 2021 Interviews--DISCUSSIONS   
    Business Idea: a spa/resort for M4s 2 weeks leading up to match, but everyone is kept under moderate sedation the whole time and entertained with movies, mud baths, 24 h access to a petting zoo of puppies and other animals.  
    Anyone got leftover LOC? DM to invest.
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    dooogs reacted to keipop in CaRMS 2021 Interviews--DISCUSSIONS   
    Now open it to M1/M2/M3s during summers and premeds during application season too and it’s a deal
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    dooogs reacted to Haribo7173 in CaRMS 2021 Interviews--DISCUSSIONS   
    What I find comforting is that no matter what, time goes by... even if it feels outstandingly slow. Like even as I type this, we’re seconds closer 
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