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    dooogs got a reaction from dopamineislife in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    You know everybody is just joking right? Im sure 99% of people are truly grateful  - it's just stuff to talk about while we wait for med to start
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    dooogs got a reaction from pinkneuron in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    You know everybody is just joking right? Im sure 99% of people are truly grateful  - it's just stuff to talk about while we wait for med to start
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    dooogs got a reaction from keipop in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    You know everybody is just joking right? Im sure 99% of people are truly grateful  - it's just stuff to talk about while we wait for med to start
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    Psstt anyone who's attending the U of C orientation right now - If you could ask about when the backpack reveal is, the rest of Canada's class of 2024 would really appreciate it 
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    Any news about this ?
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    Any news about this ?
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    dooogs got a reaction from Fast_Layne in CMA c2024 backpack colour choices (w/ pics)   
    I have the impression that yellow attracts flies (not sure if true...)
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    as a rad resident I was by myself reading as a sole radiologist for about 8 hours every call shift  Those hours were all through the night when you are max tired, and having read already for 16+ hours and much more likely to make a mistake. I would joke that you must study until you can do it in your sleep - because well you basically will be doing in your sleep - but that would hit too close to home. 
    Now at many centres that isn't the case for some things - some have gone 24/7 staff in areas and in particular for rads at big centres. Others (most) are still as residents by themselves for at least a long part of the night. Ottawa was pretty good and had staff until 11 for many things. If you ever get into extreme trouble you can call staff but that is a very rare thing to do - in my case done exactly 2 twice and both times because a surg staff insisted on it (didn't trust any residents reads prior to the OR for complex things - fair enough). I should say that in many places where the staff are there 24/7 it is also quite busy - and that staff may not always be there to help with the full range of imaging you are reading for instance in rads  (like they only do the ER cases, and you have in patients to read as well). This is rad specific but most residents are operating for long periods of time with only other residents or just themselves (but at least with another resident you still have someone to discuss things with). 
    This isn't all doom or gloom but I think you do have to have these open conversations about what residency is like and how we can collectively get through it. 
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    dooogs reacted to rmorelan in Are residents actually happy?   
    the only way to reschedule call is to have someone else do it - but that doesn't work because then you just owe them a call shift. It isn't that a particular shift is annoyingly in the wrong place - it is just that the shear number of them didn't allow for recovery (for me personally - I should point out that the issue in part is that as a particular individual late nights are not much of an issue but early mornings are. The flipping around from days to nights to days constantly was the issue. with a different call structure - say a week of night float - I could have been just fine). 
    You have vacation time - and you can use that to recover (and should) but often that seems to result in call shifts pushed closer together in many cases, you only have 4 weeks a year, and often you use that time to study for important milestones. 
    So it isn't really penalized directly at all - the system just doesn't let you really escape things. even if you could you would have the wonderful knowledge you are just dumping onto your friends basically. Each call shift must be covered - it is a zero sum game. 
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    dooogs reacted to unmatch in Are residents actually happy?   
    Because I don't feel there's a lot of learning to be had after M4. The focus of the FM residency is instilling independence and practice management skills, you've learned 90%+ of the content by the time you're done med school. I think  you need to think about whether you enjoy the academic drive of the Royal College specialties and the need to learn a topic very in-depth. Family medicine is not about the medicine, it's about following preventative guidelines, reassuring the worried-well, and triaging to other services. You need to decide if you feel happy enough being a doctor regardless of what patients you're seeing or if you really want to be an expert on a topic. There's also a cost-benefit analysis that I think most FM-prospectives go through where you'll make nearly as much as most of the Royal College specialists (excluding surgeons, cardiologists, and GI) while doing an easy and short residency. 
    Because in the end, if you are not seeing patients on whatever you read there's no satisfaction from having that knowledge, and you won't retain it either. Family doctors don't have the time or training to be seeing complex patients. You could spend 30-60 minutes counselling a liver cirrhosis patient and treating all their comorbidities, but you could also just refer to GI or GIM who will be far more experienced in treating something like that. You also bill the same amount for seeing a patient for a rash for 3 minutes so there's no incentive to see complex patients.
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    dooogs reacted to insomnias in Are residents actually happy?   
    Every time somebody says that, I like to point to the example of Switzerland which has residencies of comparable length to ours in most specialties while abiding by EU work hour restrictions (48h/week max with no more than 13h of continuous work), and the RCPSC recognizes their training as equivalent for the purposes of exam eligibility. The reason we have long hours during residency isn't because it's a trade-off between hours worked vs competency but because resident labour is significantly cheaper to the government/hospital than that of attending physicians.
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    dooogs reacted to MedicineLCS in International bachelors   
    It is not uncommon for people with 4.0 GPAs in Canada to be rejected, sometimes multiple times. There are many other factors involved, from the MCAT, ECs, interview performance, etc... It's worth pointing out you're disadvantaged as an international applicant in many or all of these areas. The only healthcare profession I'm knowledge about is Medicine, but other programs are generally less competitive. Of note is this is for Canadians, I was fortunate enough to win the birth lottery, but from watching friends and family go through the immigration process, it's far from easy and this could easily end up being a half decade or longer journey for you, with no guarantees of an acceptance. 
    To be honest, you should probably spend some time reading through the variety of topics here and doing some soul searching surrounding what you want to do. You're casually throwing out different fields (Medicine/Dentistry/PT/Optometry/Biotech) which have differences between them and asking questions that no one can really give conclusive advice on. It'll be a lot better in the long run if you take the time to learn more about these fields yourself than accept anonymous spoonfeeding to make life altering decisions. 
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    dooogs got a reaction from Galaxsci in -   
    My friend did this latter situation - matched to a GTA city actually not even rural. Did absolutely nothing EC, Research etc. Took family medicine electives in 4 year. Got 3 references. Matched to top choice
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    dooogs got a reaction from premed72 in Why is MD considered more prestigious than PhD?   
    It's because if you don't publish = you don't get paid
    It's the way the system works. Long-term tough projects are not too appreciated unfortunately. You gotta show results ASAP which is dumb
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    dooogs got a reaction from HappyAndHopeful in COVID-19 Impact on Electives and Clerkships   
    Wow! Good thing they can still make some exceptions for students that don't have a specific speciality at their school
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    dooogs reacted to convertedlurker in Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020   
    It definitely seems so. It could be a combination of CoVID-19 related factors (people avoiding McMaster for example) and the lower CARS cut off reducing the overlap of the acceptance pool with other schools. It's all speculation though.
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    dooogs got a reaction from convertedlurker in Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020   
    No news ?
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    dooogs reacted to innocentius in Schulich Gear   
    woah. chill! you haven't even started yet. are you also planning to add "Dr." to your name already?
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    dooogs got a reaction from Hunnicutt in Schulich Gear   
    Love the enthusiasm!!! I am happy to stay at schulich because i have tons of sweaters from undergrad and grad school. So now i can continue using them LOL
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    dooogs reacted to Hunnicutt in Schulich Gear   
    So if I was looking for a purple sweater saying 'Schulich Medicine' with 2024 and my last name on the sleeve, would I find these at the drives? or would they be provided through western's bookstore?
    Also, when do these drives usually happen?
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    No news ?
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    dooogs got a reaction from Mozza in Western Waitlist Party 2019-2020   
    No news ?
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    dooogs got a reaction from CHG in Campus Decisions   
    I know you guys are extremely awesome and that's a huge relief and I'm very grateful. My family situation is difficult rn and it would make my life much easier to be in London. I'll have to find a way to make it work... still hoping some people bail in July or something 
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    dooogs reacted to CHG in Campus Decisions   
    I grew up in Windsor and now I’m at Windsor campus so if you have any questions you think I may be able to help out with please don’t hesitate to reach out. Anything I can’t answer I’ll be able to direct you to the appropriate Windsor faculty!!
    I think what you’re feeling is pretty common to some extent for those who didn’t think they were going to be in Windsor (even I was feeling a bit of it at this time last year)! The Windsor 2023s are going to do everything they can to make this transition as easy as possible so don’t be afraid to let us know what we can do! 
    we are very excited to have you  
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    dooogs reacted to CHG in Campus Decisions   
    Hey! In the past (pre-covid schedule) we have had mandatory sessions 3-4 days of the week most weeks (Tuesday is off) so that would be a lot of commuting. It may be possible during first semester of this year as in person mandatory sessions will be scaled back. You’ll also want to consider the fact that your ‘extras’ (longitudinal clinical experiences, service learning) will likely be located in Windsor as well. You may be able to do observerships in London but admin has made it clear to me that there will be no crossing campuses for mandatory class sessions (something other students were wondering about) so it would be wise to check in with them on cross campus observerships instead of just taking my word for it! 
    in third year during clerkship you will be located at the Windsor hospitals - I haven’t experienced clerkship yet but from what I know it would be near impossible to commute for that. 
    overall my personal opinion is that it would be wise to have a housing situation in Windsor starting in January at the very least. A good number of my classmates go home for weekends quite regularly (even to the GTA) - the drive to London is pretty short so you could probably count on being back in London most Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings/Monday mornings if that eases any of your anxieties! It would even be pretty easy to jump in on a car pool if you don’t have transportation :) 
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