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  1. i have heard that uoft is a bit hard but that doesn't mean western is easy (it does have a bit of the same reputation). i agree that gunners will be everywhere. plus at the end of the day its all pass fail. uoft is literally ranked higher than yale so i think its warranted. both are amazing schools and i think you'll be fine regardless of your choice. i might be a biased as my family is in toronto but the city it is on another level. the transportation, entertainment, food etc. in london can't compare to toronto. not to mention all of the huge clinical opportunities that are only available in
  2. I would email admissions or chat with omsas (they're pretty quick with replies on their messaging system).
  3. it is a bit risky accepting western before knowing if you got london which i believe you wouldn't know until after you accept. it seems this year compared to previous years there is a lot of unspecified offers making me believe western has done some over offering. this is just a theory of mine given the fact that even some people who picked windsor as their first choice are also unspecified http://forums.premed101.com/topic/108928-switching-first-choice-campus-for-an-unspecified-campus-offer/. anyway im just saying that the chances of getting london may not be as high. now if you got london, t
  4. i thought the general understanding was that they normally don't get back until all the acceptances and rejections are processed (a couple days after may 26th)?
  5. Thank you all, this was super helpful! I guess my biggest concern is the new curriculum at Western. I'm sure med school is a huge jump at any school but I've heard Western is notably hard?
  6. Hey guys what do you think?? Both seem very similar in terms of structure. I'm having a hard time deciding which is better.
  7. yes, but having multiple stations this year virtually would've been very difficult. i really doubt they will be cancelling interviews forever - this seems to be a very specific response to the COVID-19 situation.
  8. yes i totally agree! mac was my first choice school and even with this lottery it would have been if i were given an offer :'). the bright side is that since mac has a rolling waitlist, if anyone admitted to western were to wait they could potentially take a waitlist offer from mac before theirs expires. best of luck!
  9. Mac has always had higher waitlist movement than most schools. it all depends how much people would reject mac based on the lottery. I personally wouldn't care about the lottery if I got an offer - pretty sure carms selection committees don't care. not only that, they can't just assume every applicant from mac got in due to the lottery because the first 100 admitted were not. nonetheless, some people are still concerned which could be a really good sign for anyone on the mac waitlist since it's probably going to have even more movement. any other school might have less movement. this might eve
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