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  1. same. mine used to say unspecified, but now it just says nothing
  2. Really silly question but we don't need to respond to the Campus Specification email, right? Just asking because the email said "we are now in a position to offer you a spot at..." so it almost sounds like you should respond. Also my student center still says "unspecified"
  3. I just graduated from Western Med Sci this year. feel free to DM me if you have qs about the program
  4. That's a really good point and I think it's particularly true for Western considering a big proportion of their class is SWOMEN.
  5. yes I am I know two people who got in UofT off of waitlist, one last year and one the year before. Ofc there's a possibility that their understanding is wrong!
  6. I have western, I think I'll just accept bcuz I'm slightly uncomfortable w the idea of waiting two weeks haha
  7. same boat lol, i asked around though and it doesn't seem like movement will happen during the two-week period since they oversend initial offers
  8. Thanks for starting the thread! Does anyone know if UofT starts contacting waitlisted applicants before the two-week mark? For example I know that Mac contacts waitlisted applicants as soon as anyone rejects their offer (even if it's tomorrow), but Western waits until after two-weeks to start sending out offers to those waitlisted.
  9. Do you guys happen to know if last year any of the accepted applicants with "unspecified" campus also ended up at Windsor?
  10. Result: Accepted (will be accepting this offer! western is my second choice school so I'd only turn down this offer if I get off the waitlist at my top choice in the next two weeks lol) Timestamp: midnight? lol 2-year GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 131/129/132 Interview: **in person Year: 4th yr undergrad Geography: Non-SWOMEN
  11. ah okay, sorry to hear that! maybe it has something to do with how they need to sort through the "unspecified" campus acceptances first
  12. that's expected unfortunately do you know how they contact you if you get off the waitlist, and if there's ever any movement within the first two weeks..?
  13. are you sure western's waitlist won't move until after 26th? do OMSAS schools' waitlists ever move before then? sorry I don't have an answer to your question, I wish you best of luck!! and ofc congrats on mcmaster
  14. for mac at least it seems like everyone got offers did *not* have a button?? at least everywhere I checked (this forum, my few friends who got offers, **DELETED**)
  15. nope I have nothing on omsas it seems like it's mostly mac offer appearing there rn??
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