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  1. That is very helpful and definitely clarifies things for me! Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  2. Tl;dr: How do med students get involved with physicians' lit review projects that are easily publishable? Any tips and experience-sharing would be appreciated! First of all I said "easy" because I couldn't think of a better word, but I'm in no way trying to look down on those types of publications! I just mean that certain research projects are, generally speaking, less time-consuming and you're more likely to get a pub out of it. I just finished first-year med school and am potentially interested in academic medicine. I am working on three different research projects
  3. Yep that's true! Completely agree with you here. My school offers a summer program that allows preclerks to do summer observerships so I am registered through that and have insurance coverage that way. All my preceptors are aware because they had to sign off on a bunch of relevant forms too. Sorry if my post is badly worded and made it seem like I was just randomly doing shadowing on my own haha, it's actually a very formal process registered entirely through my school even though I contacted the individual physicians myself.
  4. Thanks so much for this super informative reply! That was really helpful and I'm for sure going to be following all your tips here!
  5. Helping with cleaning is a good point! There shouldn't be a high chance of me messing that up so that's great
  6. Thanks for your reply and good point! I will look into some general questions that I will want to ask! My school offers a program that allows preclerks to do summer observerships so I am registered through that and have insurance coverage that way. I definitely feel very lucky to have these opportunities as I don't think "random" observerships are allowed for us right now either! I hope that you'll be allowed to do things soon in Ottawa! Starting med school last year was definitely rough.
  7. Hi everyone! I just finished first year of medical school and reached out to a few physicians whose specialty I am interested in asking them if I can shadow them this summer. They mostly all got back to me agreeing to let me join their team for a few days to a week and get some hands-on experience. I am a tiny bit nervous and wondering what expectations generally are for pre-clerks (if any). How can I attempt to make myself useful when I know so little? Or should I not worry about that at all and just focus on learning as much as possible? During an observership I did last year I carried aroun
  8. same. mine used to say unspecified, but now it just says nothing
  9. Really silly question but we don't need to respond to the Campus Specification email, right? Just asking because the email said "we are now in a position to offer you a spot at..." so it almost sounds like you should respond. Also my student center still says "unspecified"
  10. I just graduated from Western Med Sci this year. feel free to DM me if you have qs about the program
  11. That's a really good point and I think it's particularly true for Western considering a big proportion of their class is SWOMEN.
  12. yes I am I know two people who got in UofT off of waitlist, one last year and one the year before. Ofc there's a possibility that their understanding is wrong!
  13. I have western, I think I'll just accept bcuz I'm slightly uncomfortable w the idea of waiting two weeks haha
  14. same boat lol, i asked around though and it doesn't seem like movement will happen during the two-week period since they oversend initial offers
  15. Thanks for starting the thread! Does anyone know if UofT starts contacting waitlisted applicants before the two-week mark? For example I know that Mac contacts waitlisted applicants as soon as anyone rejects their offer (even if it's tomorrow), but Western waits until after two-weeks to start sending out offers to those waitlisted.
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