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  1. I emailed Chantal a few days ago and she said they’re working on going through transcripts and expect to be have registration going in the next 2-3 weeks
  2. Update: accepted my offer at uOttawa! Looking forward to meeting you all!!
  3. In the same boat as @Psych and looking for some advice. Would anyone be able to provide a weekly schedule such as the one they used as an example in the interview informational session? Would be very much appreciated! Additionally, is there any information on how available bursaries/scholarships are? Obviously uOttawa is a lot more of a financial burden than a 3 year program but just trying to see if its something that's financially workable. Thanks guys!!
  4. thanks!! yep, just got the email this morning.
  5. Hey guys! super excited to let you guys know that I made it off the waitlist Will let you know whether I will be accepting here or at Mac.
  6. Messaged omsas, they said 11:59. Some schools require emailed form as well, so maybe Email for specific schools requirements
  7. Hey guys! Question: I know the offer links expire on May 26–is this at the end of business day or at 11:59? Just trying to figure out as Calgary waitlist offers also come out on the 26th lol
  8. Hello! Does anyone know whether the waitlist moves on a rolling basis or only after the first wave of acceptance responses is due? thanks!
  9. Hey guys! Quick question for y’all (sorry if it’s been answered elsewhere): I’ve received an offer to Mac and been waitlisted at two other schools. I have to accept/decline Mac by the 26th. Will waitlist offers go out before that or after in a second wave? Just trying to figure out whether to just go ahead and accept it if I should wait until the 26th to formally accept. Thanks!!
  10. Stream: EN Time You Received E-mail: 7:38:03 "Created" Time: 7:37:34 GPA: 3.96
  11. Result: Accepted (Niagra) Timestamp: 12:00am cGPA: 3.96 CARS: 130 CASPer: Good enough for interview at UofO Year: graduated in 2019 Geography: OOP Button: NO Will update accepting or declined once I hear back from other schools SO INCREDIBLY THRILLED GUYS!!
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