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  1. Mostly still going to my old email. I think site specific ones are now going to my new alumni one
  2. Congratulations! If you have Facebook join this group (UBC Medicine Class of 2024): https://www.facebook.com/groups/686057832219267/?ref=share We’re you able to attend the zoom townhall meeting on Tuesday? Faculty and staff went over a lot about how courses will be delivered, and emphasized importance of being at your site ready for first day (August 24). I believe a recording will be emailed soon, as long as you’re receiving emails. If you’re not getting any emails yet you can contact Shirley Li. What site are you going to? Best of luck getting settled.
  3. I wrote last summer and am from a non-science background. I took chemistry, biology and biochemistry as MOOC courses through edx.org (the MITx courses) - they are free but I paid for the certificate to keep me accountable and on track. The biochemistry With Professor Yaffe was incredibly useful. All of it was on the MCAT. There are some cerego flash cards in the Course resources that help master the amino acids which is so important for the MCAT (full name, 3 letter code, single letter code and structure). I also used khan academy a fair bit. I heard about uworld too late but many people rave
  4. Did you find the link to the welcome letter in your offer tab? It is six pages and covers: 1. Immunizations 2. CPR/AED (BLS Level) Certification 3. UBC Student Numbers & Student IDs 4. Campus–Wide Login (CWL) 5. UBC Alumni Email Account 6. Personal Information Form 7. Course Registration 8. Weeks 1 & 2 - MEDD 411 9. Online Curriculum Management System 10. Student Loans 11. Campus Housing There is also a link to a Faculty of Medicine incoming students FAQ doc with lots more details.
  5. Thanks! A story many years in the making. I didn’t consider it a financially viable option when I was younger. I’ve wanted to make a switch for a long time but my career has worked out well with young kids. A few years ago I knew I was ready to give it a shot. I attended the UBC diversity in medicine symposium, geared to non-traditional applicants, and I was very inspired and really identified with the stories. I started self studying the science material to write the MCAT, using edx.org and khan academy. I wrote it last summer and spent at least a month going through my life experiences and w
  6. IP, thanks everyone Fingers crossed for you all!!!!
  7. I got offered admission to my first choice NMP! Can't believe it. I am laughing and crying.
  8. I think so, unless someone initially received an offer for a rural seat (But ranked vfmp higher), and happened to be further down on the vfmp wait list than some people who didn’t apply rurally and haven’t received an offer yet. I think that is why UBC says the wait lists are complicated.
  9. From what I have read it depends on which spots become available and how people have ranked their site preferences. UBC says accepting a less preferred site does not affect your position on the waitlist for a more preferred site. So it would just depend how many spots become available at your more preferred site, and how many people are ahead of you waiting for them.
  10. This is my first year applying and I'm really excited to still be under consideration. Result: Waitlist Update: accepted off the wait list may 27 to NMP (first choice)! Geography: IP and I filled out the rural application. Have lived in small towns for almost 20 years. Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business Admin; 3-year communication design diploma Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 7:58 AM PST GPA: ~82% or will be significantly higher if some of my 3-year communication design diploma grades were considered EC's - I have been out of sch
  11. Congratulations! I would love to read your story later. I am on the waitlist for the first time and ranked NMP first.
  12. Does anyone know how the rural suitability scoring works and if there is a separate waitlist ranking? I.e. does the rural admissions subcommittee rank rural applicants holistically for suitability for the rural seats? Or just one waitlist that they go down, with either a yes/no beside each name, and if a seat that becomes available is one of the rural seats they check for the yes/no on the next person down the list? I’m also very curious if almost everyone applies to be considered for rural seats?
  13. Thank you! That would be so frustrating. The MCAT is such a huge commitment! I’m going to give myself a few more weeks before considering a rewrite. I think spending a month or more dedicated to strategizing and writing ECs could be more helpful than rewriting the MCAT. I think there are lots of creative ways to think about experiences for that section.
  14. I'm curious too - I have 131 on CARS but 124 on B/B (way lower than my practices) - 509 overall. I'm on the waitlist. I would consider rewriting this summer.
  15. 7:58 pst for me as well. I’m in province, rural applicant.
  16. I put NMP for first choice. I have a family and we live in a small town on Vancouver Island and would love to explore northern BC and small communities there and be close to nature. Housing affordability was also a factor.
  17. Hi, whereabouts are you? I am in Lake Cowichan - could come to Nanaimo if that's close?
  18. TIME STAMP: December 12, 11:27am PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA or AGPA (if applicable): I think aGPA 81.8% but maybe higher if any of courses from my 3 year communication design diploma were included MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 126 / 131 / 124 / 128 Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): Bachelor Arts Geography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): I'm 38, so tons of stuff. I had 19 work experience entries, lots with thousands of hours. Parent of 8 and
  19. Hi! When you say very low cGPA/aGPA do you not meet the cutoff or do you just feel like it's not competitive? I'm 38 and applied in September to UBC and received an interview invite. I graduated from SFU in 2003 with an arts degree and an ok gpa - not competitive but good enough to apply. I self-studied for the MCAT starting two years ago and wrote it last July. I am pretty sure all of my life experience is what got me an interview as UBC scores non-academic qualities. I know as an out-of-province UBC is probably not an option if your GPA is not great, but if you could get a great CARS score o
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