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  1. I have a similar feeling as you but on the opposite end aha. By some miracle, I got my acceptance this year after 3rd year of undergrad. I am so thankful for this opportunity of course, but in the back of my mind I wonder if I will fit in with my older peers that may have more experience than me. I already look young for my age so I wouldn't want people judging my professionalism based on my age/looks. What I'm trying to say is that everybody goes into med school with different life experiences, maturity levels etc. and age is but a number. As long as you're willing to learn and are
  2. Got accepted to Hamilton campus!! will be accepting timestamp: 11:46 am
  3. While London is no Toronto, compared to a small town there will still be new places to explore with beautiful green spaces, a lively campus, some summer festivals and good places to eat! I've lived in London my whole life so Ive gotten bored of it...but There's still enough to do especially if you're only there for 4 years
  4. Oh my bad you're right, I guess the waiting game continues...
  5. Ottawa waitlist started moving yesterday!! Let's hope we see some movement on Monday
  6. Because people like having a sense of control over the situation/application. Considering all the backlash Mac is getting due their response in an unexpected pandemic, if they implemented this on purpose earlier the reactions would be even worse
  7. Also people that got accepted somewhere else but rejected here might not bother posting their stats until later. (They're celebrating/on other forums) if this was your only interview and you got rejected you're probably angry at the whole lottery business and not post either who knows
  8. If button = waitlist, at least 50 people on premed 101 have the button and responded to the poll....waitlist is def around 200-250
  9. The waitlist could be anywhere from 100-300 people, we have no idea how many people they rejected. im thinking they may have made it slightly larger this year? If they're expecting more movement or to minimize the rejection complaints lol
  10. I took it as they randomized the rank order at the beginning and then it stays as the waitlist moves also: 8:17 for me do time stamps mean anything?
  11. Result: waitlist Timestamp: 8:17 cGPA: 3.95 CARS: 130 CASPer: ummm felt okay, I'm not sure if I would have been top 100 with my stats, If I was then I guess It didn't go so well lol Year: 3rd Year Geography: IP Button: Yes (button = waitlist maybe??) Although not a straight acceptance, I have hope
  12. i mean if you do manage to fall asleep, it kills the time much faster than being awake lol
  13. congrats!! The first one in this group to get an acceptance!
  14. I wish we never discovered the button all it has done is introduce even more uncertainty and questioning Especially since I'm the type of person that loves puzzles/figuring out everything about everything
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