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  1. I don't think your link is working ... In Safari at least
  2. I have a friend at UBC dentistry and he tells me that living on a campus on the other side of the country isn't as difficult as it seems. He flies home around twice a year (once for the holidays and once for reading week) and so he just has to organize his reunions with old friends around this timeframe. With that said, I've heard that you can easily make new friends by finding people from the same province during orientation
  3. If this is true, then I'm not really surprised .. as med schools tend to aggressively defend their students once they are admitted. It's in the school's interest to graduate as many doctors as possible, since dismissing a student would be a waste of institutional and federal resources. Regulatory agencies such as professional colleges are the ones who generally issue punitive measures.
  4. Omg are loupes and other things really that expensive?
  5. Josh sounds like the kind of person who would never make it past interviews.
  6. Pretty sure the worst of the pandemic will be over by the time summer starts. It's usually only about 30ish people per Prometric test centre, so I don't think it would be necessary to move online regardless. They would have major logistical/security issues if that were the case
  7. All jokes aside, does anyone know exactly when Feb DAT scores will be released?
  8. I've heard that med is arguably worse due to the pervasiveness of being overworked in a publicly-funded system that always expects you to do more with less funding. Kinda like the NHS situation in Europe.
  9. I just got a response last week ... they say we can't and they'll be upholding the formal rules in the future LOL
  10. I literally cannot understand why the CDA thought it would be a good idea to let graduates from all those countries gain equivalency. All it creates is greater inequality. Like, students from affluent families could just go study in Australia if they get rejected from a Canadian school. Given that the tuition is considerably higher, less privileged students would just be shunned from the dental profession entirely.
  11. Hey y'all, I'm writing the DAT this February and I'm wondering if the test centres let you access your phones to make calls during breaks? I'm asking cuz the CDA website says it's not allowed but my friend told me that everyone was doing it in November and the invigilators really didn't seem to mind
  12. Alright so it's currently been four years since the last post under this topic. Is the future of dentistry still cr*p in 2020? lol
  13. I think dental schools favouring grads is more of a correlation and less of a causation thing. Grads just have far more experience. Just my opinion though
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