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  1. Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 8:37 AM EST cGPA: 3.97 CARS: 127 CASPer: Casper was good, I got an interview to Ottawa as well. MMI interview thoughts: The first interview felt much better, but I still thought the second interview went well. The delivery of my responses remained the same between the two which is good. Year: Just graduated from 4th year Geography: IP Guaranteed interview from last year: Yes I will be accepting this offer. Definitely a dream come true.
  2. I haven't heard anything since last week. Hoping for the best for all of us.
  3. So I really think the waitlist timestamp is alphabetical order for your last name but I noticed that anon31 and Weluvmedicine both got their waitlist email at 8:14 AM (which is relatively earlier than the others). So it could mean something unless both of their last names are earlier in the alphabet.
  4. Just so everyone's on the same page. Do we all still see the "Reset Responses" button on OMSAS.
  5. As I previously mentioned, there is a trend with people that have super high stats (presumably top 100) who dont have the button. And we also see that those with the button are relatively average. This leads me to believe that those with the buttons are recipients of the lottery offer and those with high stats are the top 100. I am not sure why the button is only provided for the lottery subset of offers but the general trends points to me to this trend and conclusion.
  6. As I have previously mentioned. To everyone with super high stats and no button. Don't worry, this means that you are top 100 and will receive your offer on May 12th.
  7. Based on the facts thus far, it really does seem to me that the top 100 will receive their button (and offer) on May 12th and that the current buttons are for those who were selected off the lottery. It may seem like I'm biased but I am judging this off the people who told us their stats on this thread.
  8. You guys are all correct lol. With that being said, by just looking at the general GPA/CARS of those who have the button it'd make sense for the button to mean a lottery offer and that the top 100 have not yet received their acceptance. But who knows.
  9. The button indicates an offer for those that were selected from the lottery. We have seen many applicants on this thread with super high stats not have the button and this leads me to believe that they will be part of the top 100 and the button (and offer) for the top 100 will come out on May 12th. Likewise, we see many applicants who are unlikely to be part of the top 100 have this button which means they are the selected applicants via the lottery. The reason why the lottery-selected applicants have this button now may be because McMaster told OMSAS to do the lottery selection and perha
  10. Time Stamp: 9:06 Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.96 CARS: 127 Casper: I felt alright about it, I guess it went well for me to get an interview Geography: IP, 3rd Year For real though, I cant even describe how grateful and humbled I am to apply among so many talented students and to also receive an invite. Good luck to everyone.
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