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  1. I know UofA hasn't released any formal decision on how they will handle classes this fall, but can anyone speculate on whether the fall semester will be entirely online/remote learning or a mix of in-person and online learning? I'll be starting first year in August but am currently living in Calgary and trying to decide whether I should find a place to rent in Edmonton or save my money and stay in Calgary for the fall semester.
  2. Result: Invite! Geography: IP GPA: adjusted- 3.75, non-adjusted- 3.62 MCAT: 519 Degree: BSc 2019 E.C.: 4 research studentships with scholarships, mentored high-school research students, 4 conference abstracts, 1 lead authorship of a manuscript currently in review, volunteer coach of a U8 and U18 soccer team, 2 abroad volunteer experiences (1 medical, 1 not), best man at wedding, MC at wedding, long-term sports involvement. Other than research, I didn't have any special ECs. I just really tried to emphasize how each activity expanded my maturity and outlook on life.
  3. Does anybody know of a group or want to start a group to prep for the MMI? I’ve previously been prepping with other non-pre med people and would like to do some last-minute practice with pre-med students to share/gain insights.
  4. TIME STAMP: 2:33 PM Jan 29Interview Date: TBDResult: InvitewGPA: 3.79MCAT: 129 CARS, 519 MCATECs: continuous sport involvement (1 at a provincial level), 3 international abstract publications/presentations (2 American heart association, 1 SCMR), 2 summer soccer coaching volunteering (U18 and U8 teams), lifeguarding, several academic/research scholarships, a little research tutoring, 2 lead authorship manuscripts in progressYear: Finished BScGeography : IP
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