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  1. right .. just wondering how much their train n retain plays in the decision factor ..as with the Dal connections essay
  2. maybe this is a bit random but could high stats actually disqualify ? They maybe assume you'd get multiple offers ?
  3. Yeah I really don't see the benefit to the various schools in doing this. Perhaps they think that we'd rather find out asap rather than wait for all the replies at once, bur personally I'd rather they did one fell swoop . I'm going to ask all of them for a response on this - but not today lol
  4. I know ! I don't understand why they don't just send everything out together and put us outa our misery ..this drip feed is torture and pointless
  5. going crazy with speculation is the only thing keeping me sane right now.
  6. was just about to say live and live lol ! We are getting judged right now, with judgement that will have a huge affect on our lives, and I don't mean from forum folks, lol, so if this bit of levity helps some folks de-stress then let this be a space where we can feel safe to vent a bit. And if ya don't like it then just look away ..good luck everyone
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