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  1. Oh me too, I was devastated last year , just horrible process with rejections from all my applications except one Mac interview and even that got cancelled. The waitlist party honestly really helped, and the year turned out to be great, with a job I love and experience that helped with the interviews for sure. This time round I did a few things differently. I spent a lot of time on the essays - making sure I actually answered the questions and with my experiences woven into the answers. I listened to advice from everyone who would give it - not necessarily taking the advice but I found it help
  2. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 2YRS: 3.96 MCAT: 516 ECs: Diverse, strong, leadership. 2nd author pub. Interview: thought it was my best ..panel was actually fun. whaddya know In-person or Virtual: V Year: 2020 grad Geography: IP Removing myself from the waitlist. All the best everyone !!!!
  3. Result: Accepted (Mississauga) Timestamp: 9:45 EST wGPA/cGPA: ~ 3.98 MCAT: 516 ECs: 3 years' undergrad research, university leadership, one 2nd author Essays: Spent a lot of time - edited several times until I was sick of looking at them. Interview: I thought it was my best one but relatively probably wasn't Year: 2020 grad Geography IP Accepting this offer - super excited.
  4. declined my offer so a spot for you ! good luck !!!
  5. Offer OOP will be declining. Hope everyone gets their dream, Last year all I got was one pseudo interview that got tossed into a lottery debacle and then WL then the gut punch R .. which was agony. so my heart goes out to everyone here, but please hang on to hope and be kind to yourselves.
  6. Will be declining for UofT , for those on the wl there's a Hamilton spot opening up ! hoping the very best for all of you
  7. I've been to this party 2 years in a row, and now have an offer for Hamilton that I'm declining . people came off the wl early and kept going until June/July - wish they'd have told me where my ranking was ..Good luck everyone, I know how this feels so hang on in there , I'm cheering y'all on
  8. Accepted to UofT and waitlisted Queens. , will be accepting UofT and declining Mac and Western .. Good luck everyone !!!
  9. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 12:00 am cGPA: 3.95 CARS: 129 CASPer: ugg must have been ok, but my typing is bad. My name here was supposed to be justanon ..look how that worked out. MMI interview thoughts: I didn't think was great, virtual was kinda weird, but nowhere near as godawful as Western and I got an offer there too, which I just can't believe Year: UG 2020 Geography: IP Guaranteed interview from last year: hummmf yes - tossed into the lottery . I'm thrilled but part of me will never forget the pain of last year and I just wish no one here has
  10. Yes , offer for Western is London Campus , Mac just says offer , they might not all be out ...I hope you get in !!!!!!
  11. Me !!! Mac and Western .. hoping the best for all of you
  12. I'm 'working" too lol. I've spent the day trying to decide whether I have enough self restraint to wait until 9.30 am. Decided I don't,... but that might change. What a busy busy day!
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