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  1. Hey everyone. With Western's interviews nearing, I am wondering if anyone has any advice on interview prep based on previous years, or through friends? If anyone is interested in prepping together, pm me!
  2. has anyone heard whether rejections were sent out today as well? Congrats to everyone and fingers crossed for those still waiting
  3. I received an email around 11:20, but I am too scared to open it. This is my last hope after applying several times. Does anybody know if they have sent out any rejections yet?
  4. I'm in the process of editing my UofT personal statement and greatest accomplishment essay. I've done some research into what makes a good personal statement/essay and noticed that the writing style (especially introduction) is quite informal and dramatic and typically read as a story. I'm just wondering if this style is recommended, or if a more formal introduction (e.g. "My greatest accomplishment is...") would be better suited. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Does anyone know if the prerequisites for each category must come specifically from the departments listed on U of T's website? For example, would a course from the Family and Child Studies Department of my school (considered a social science here) count for the Social Sciences/Humanities section of the U of T application even though it's not specifically listed as one of the departments?
  6. Thanks for your response! Do you mind elaborating on what you mean by "go back to the CDA website and send off your scores". I can't seem to find an option to do that on their website.
  7. Hi all, For my upcoming applications, I will be using my Nov2019 DAT scores as I will not be re-writing my DAT this year. Does anybody know how I must go about having these scores sent to the institutions to which I am applying? Do I have to contact the CDA? Will there be an option within the application portal to select which DAT I have written and the institution will look up my scores without my need to have them sent? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I am looking into scheduling my CASPer test for UofT. I understand the application deadline is November 1st. CASPer's test dates include Oct 7th, 22nd and Nov 19th. Does anybody know if the CASPer must be taken before the Nov 1st deadline (i.e. Oct 7th or 22nd) or if the Nov 19th date can still be applied? Thanks!
  9. I'm pretty frustrated and feeling a little defeated because I thought I checked the boxes. Not sure what more I can do. Thanks for the info though. It's encouraging to know that I may have what it takes, and my application might have just been overlooked. Can I ask if your degree completed, or in progress? I'm wondering if next year when it is complete, then a bonus may be applied?
  10. Thanks so much! Do you mind sharing what resources you used to study for the DAT?
  11. Sadly, I didn't. I was hoping that the master's would be enough to compensate based on what I've seen/heard. I haven't yet completed the masters, so perhaps after completion, whatever boost it may be associated with will come into effect (?)
  12. Hi everyone, Unfortunately, this application cycle didn't work out so well for me. I can't quite figure out what went wrong, and as I consider what to do until the next cycle, I am wondering where I should focus my attention to improve my application (perhaps some fresh eyes might help). UWO 2 year average: 89% | UofT OMSAS GPA: 3.86 DAT: 21 RC / 19 PAT / 21AA I am currently completing a 1-year course-based Master of Bio-Medical Science. My extracurriculars include 200+ hours of dental shadowing and assistantship and good work experience. Any advice would be gr
  13. Hi everyone, I didn't get accepted to Toronto or Western last year and instead decided to pursue a Masters in hopes of increasing my chances for this year's application cycle. Does anyone know if these schools value a thesis-based or course-based masters differentially or whether completion vs in-progress masters matter? Any insight into the potential impact of a masters or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I submitted my Western DDS application on-time, however my To-Do list in the Student Center still says that my prerequisite declaration and transcript(s) are required (then when I click to see details, it says they have been received). Also, under Term, it says W 2020. I'm hoping the website just hasn't been updated, rater than there being an issue with my application. Is this the case for anyone else?
  15. Yes, the essays and CASPer were both additions to UofT's application this year. From what I understand, they are trying to take a more holistic approach that considers extracurriculars and experience rather than solely basing decisions on GPA and DAT scores in hopes to invite more well-rounded and prepared students. Although it's not known if or how these additions are being included in decisions this year, or if because they are too new, they are perhaps just being used as a trial. In any case, good luck to everyone :)
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